Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Lennon/McCartney "The Fool On The Hill"

Oops! Pardon me. I confused a different perennial Republican Prez Candidate
with "Paul" in hiz name for the current candidate.
This iz comedian candidate Pat Paulsen who ran for Prez in
1968, '72, '80, 88, 92, and '96.
He came in second to G. H. W. Bush in the ND Primary in 1992.
He won a total of 10,984 votes in that years Presidential Primaries.
That party is sick.
The Grand Old Sick Party!

Ya gotta admit they do look a whole lot alike sittin' at these desks, right?
Sorry for the error.
Ennyhow they're also both perennial comedy candidates with no chance of winning.
Unfortunately the Republiteas will take ennyone seriously.
The only reason Pat Paulsen hasn't run since 1996 is cuz he died in 1997. :(
Hopefully Ron Paul will hang up his patent leathers before then. :)

Ron Paul was born in 1935 and my math makes him 76 or so now. Cool, the dude's got energy and stamina and looks to be in pretty good shape. He's an MD. That's gudd, take care of yourself Ron, just get out of public life for crying out loud!
He was a military MD in uniform, thanks for that service Ron! Much obliged. Gotta luv anyone who serves in uniform. Luvya man!  A sincere thanx for suturing up fellow uniformed victims of war. Gotcha on that one. Ennyone doing that for awhile would be anti-war, and you are. So point made there, guy!

Unfortunately, being an MD and going into practice privately as an obstetrician in Texas (these TX pols can be a pain can't they--LBJ, Dubya, Ron Paul--cheeeze!) made him even more concerned about his blossoming bankroll and population-exploding family and instead of being a liberal he decided to be a libertarian and oppose war AND social justice. :(   Bad move Ron. He opposes all government and basically doesn't want to pay any taxes at all on his considerable financial wad as a Doctor who had spent a career dipping into all that private medical insurance money down in TX. WRONG RON!

Oops. Sorry. Didit again. That's Pat again.

There's Ron, gettin' himself all worked up at a right wing conference.
He gets himself worked up a lot. When he does
the pitch of his voice goes way up and he
sounds like he's gonna
have a heart attack
or sumthin'
I don't want HIS hand on the nuclear button!

Didja ever hear Ron Paul in an interview or a debate, btw, when someone asks him a question he has no legitimate answer for? Not only does his voice rise in pitch 100 times over, he looks crazy just like Jack Nicholson or sumthin'! And instead of talking about the issue at hand he raises his voice AND his pitch. Imagine him on that red phone with Vladimir Putin or something. OMG!

So after landing himself a seat in the U.S. House outa TX, which apparently does not require much in the way of qualifications these days, he joins up with the Libertarian Party, ditches his Republican friends who supported him and ran and won their nomination for Prez in 1988--first try at the Presidency. He raked in a whopping 0.5% of the popular vote and 0 votes in the 1988 Electoral College. Congratulations Idea Man! Pat Paulsen likely did better. Lol. :D 
So, since that idea of running on the Libertarian line didn't pan out for Ron, he decided to ditch his Libertarian friends and supporters and remain on the Republican line for Congress and for his asterisk of a Presidential primary campaign in 2008. The media has reported great enthusiasm among students and fund-raising in the 2008 campaign, but Ron won no primaries at all, no evidence of fund raising prowess was evident when he cited financial problems for withdrawing from the race in June 2008, and he had minimal delegates and influence at the Republican convention. Nobody took his campaign seriously. Congrats Ron. Again, a Pat Paulsen similarity here.

Lennon/McCartney "I'm A Loser"

A strange side note. In the 1990's, Ron started publishing a newsletter and with his own name as the byline it said: "Boy, it sure burns me to have a national holiday for Martin Luther King. I voted against this outrage time and time again as a Congressman." With the Ron Paul byline in his same newsletter the following also appeared: "Opinion polls consistently show only about 5% of blacks have sensible opinions." And this gem also came out of the same Ron Paul publication: "Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities." OK Ron? Really? He tried to squirm outa this one by saying ghost writers wrote under his name on a newsletter owned by him, but in March of 2001 finally and only reluctantly admitted that "he bore 'some moral responsibility' for their publication" (Wikipedia).

Ron Paul's Newsletter commentaries in the 1990's and his
Quixotic 3rd Party Libertarian bid for Prez in 1978
and the racial overtones
remind one of Lyndon LaRouche
and these LaRouche wackos outside my
U.S. Post Office this past winter.
See the racist poster of our
awesome incumbent
President Obama?

So we fast-forward to 2010, and the spawn of Ron, Rand Paul. Ron IS now 76, and may have a sense that he might wind up like George H. W. Bush and decide that he wants to do things later in life like skydive instead of being a politician, so he puts his son up for Senate in Kentucky. OMG. What a foolish campaign and a dangerous incompetent Rand turns out to be.

Ron 'n Rand! OMG! Scary.

It's true, thanks to the Paul family, Aqua Buddha entered the
American political 'dialogue.' OMG! Scary.

When a perfectly legal and non-violent humorous female protester dressed all
funny outside a Senatorial debate during the
2010 Rand Paul Senate campaign
and Rand Paul supporters assaulted her
Rand was silent on the matter
and his father,
Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
was even more silent and unseen for days on my TV screen.
OMG! Scary.

So Rand is now the heir apparent to a political dynasty which extends from one end of a Houston suburb to the other end of that same district. In other words everyone's making much ado about nothing as far as the Ron Paul candidacy is concerned. Ron's trademarks: Disloyalty (just ask the Libertarians who donated time, money and effort to his Prez campaign when he ran for them and the Repubs who donated to his Congressional campaign when he decided to ditch them for the Libertarian nod), Extremism--such as ending the Department of Education and public education altogether, Irresponsibility--not speaking out on son Rand's tacit endorsement of beating women protesters, Self-Aggrandizement--he sure is on the TV screen a whole lot and never stands a chance of winning the Presidency, Ineffectiveness--no one takes him seriously in Congress, And a face just like Pat Paulsen's.

I suggest that you seriously consider re-electing the awesome incumbent President Barack Obama instead!

So, re-elect President Obama in 2012. The short list of Obama achievements:

1) Ending the reign of terror that was Osama Bin Laden.
2) Ending Don't Ask Don't Tell- The official Defense Department policy of legal discrimination against gay and lesbian heros.
3) Negotiating and passing through the U.S. Senate the START treaty with Russia.
4) Passage of the highly successful $700billion TARP bill.
5) Passage of the first-step Health Care Reform Act of 2010.
6) Removing 100,000 of our bravest and best from harm's way in Iraq.
7) Getting a $20 billion down payment from BP before the spill was even over.
8) Intimidating Tony "Wayward" Hayward into resigning as the immoral head of BP, taking a demotion and hiding out in Putin's Russia to avert prosecution by Attorney General Eric Holder.
9) Naming 2 women in a row to the U.S. Supreme court with brains.
10) Having a brain himself as President, post-George Dubya Bush. Refreshing, huh?

This article wa originally released May 2011


Anonymous said...

I stopped about half way through. You have his birth year wrong, he treated every patient who came to him and never took medicare or medicaid, he cut fees, gave terms or worked for free, he has refused the government pension.....

You aren't very nice to him and he's a good guy.

Steve Alexander said...

Dear "Anonymous:" Thanks for the editing suggestion. The "Congressman" was born in 1935, so I WAS wrong by 7 years. Corrected. As with most Paul supporters, you only looked at half the story, as you said in your comment! LOL dude or dudette (hard to tell, you're so anonymous- :D ) On all the rest, I did not allege him taking medicaid. I'm certain he did NOT as that would have necessitated him accepting assignment and moderate fees instead of simply dipping into the vast payola pyramid scheme which private medical 'insurance' and HMO's have been for decades now. Which pension has he refused? He's still on the federal payroll as a 'Congressman' abusing his district for publicity and won't qualify for that pension until he stops his perennial runs for office. Satire is satire and he sets himself up for it as a silly contender for Prez. HE is not 'very nice' to those such as myself who depend on our Social Security Disability, our Medicare and our Medicaid. And MD's who refuse my insurances get me angry indeed. You've just added fuel to my fire. And please, don't be "ANONYMOUS" -- have the courage of your convictions and identify yourself. I ask you why you don't? Serious question my anonymous friens. <3 :) Peace

Steve Alexander said...

@ANONYMOUS: This "good guy" advocates the end of public schools, the end of the Department of Education, the end of Medicare and Medicaid, bitterly and only reluctantly acknowleges his "moral responsibility" for his own racist views which allowed him to generate a hate-filled newsletter saying "only 5% of blacks have sensible opinions" and that "Homosexuals were far better off when social pressures forced them to hide their activities." A
"NICE GUY" like this has ulterior and dangerous motives for his extremist views which DO have some appeal to youngsters who can be taken advantage of at times. Beware of RON AND RAND PAUL!

Anonymous said...

This is make-believe trash. It is entirely unreadable. Blah. Seek to educate yourself on Ron Paul's philosophy and you may perhaps find that you do agree with it... especially before you spew such judgement as you do here.

Steve Alexander aka Unabashed Left said...

Anonymous #2, specifics please, specifics. Is not the pair 'o Pauls a salt'n pepper set 'o idealogues bent on anarchism. Tell me that Ron Paul hasn't lost three Prez campaigns thus far. Tell me that he doesn't oppose the end of the Dept. of Education. Tell me he doesn't want an end to Social Security. Tell me he wants Government Medicine and NO profit motive for medical care whatsoever. Tell me he'd end all private gun production and all weapons production by private contractors. Tell me he'd support a handgun control bill nationally that would equalize the penalties nationwide. Tell me he knows what it's like to be hungry or homeless, or not to have a silver spoon in his mouth from birth. Tell me he doesn't sound like a whining silly man. And please don't be so paranoid and identify yourself, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Have a nice weekend. :)

Steve Alexander = Tool said...

Nice piece of shit blog you got here.

Steve Alexander aka Unabashed Left said...

Dear Tool,
I like your name, how do you do. Mine's Steve Alexander, so your's I assume is "Tool." How appropo. Your comment demonstrates the intellectual capabilities of the Ron 'n Rand Paul ideologues. Kinda like the Kool-aid drinking mindless followers of any ideologues. The Stepford Wives comes to mind for some reason. If "Nice piece of shit blog you got here," is all you can offer in response to a lengthy article and five follow-up comments, we definitely do NOT need to eliminate the Department of Education as your candidate advocates, but we do need to get you back in to school right quick, pardner! ;o) Lol Ron Paul Supporter, U Tool U!

Anonymous said...

Look up the requirements for the congressional pension - Ron Paul does qualify and refuses to take a Congressional pension to this day.

He does not want to eliminate public schools. You should look at his proposed plan before making such foolish remarks. He wants to end the Federal Department of Education which has produces exactly what? I'll wait, what has come from the Department of Education? Virtually nothing. Ron Paul knows that the founders did not put the Department of Education in the Constitution because it should be left to the states to run. There is no purpose to have the Department of Education. Keep public schools but have them run by the states in a manner that they see fit.

Ron Paul is on the federal payroll as is every politician. How do you expect him to make a difference in the world? Want him to start a nonsensical right wing blog?

Ron Paul does not want to get rid of Medicare/Medicaid he want to reform them. He wants young people who are entering the workforce to have the chance to opt out of the program.

He wants to bring troops home to protect our country not to wage Unconsitutional wars, stop corporate bailouts, and eliminate foreign aid.

Please learn what Ron Paul's message is before you continue writing about things you don't understand.

Mr. Bob Dobalina

Unabashed Left said...

Sorry Bob Dobalina,

Just cuz you say it ain't so, doesn't mean it ain't so. I've documented all my claims, please do the same. The guy's done for his career and is an asterisk, and Rand's a one-termer and a laughingstock, just like his old man.
BTW, about the "founders" you refer to, and which Paul supporters love and lust for so much: they enslaved all black folks, most were slave owners themselves and raped their women slaves legally since they wrote the laws so that they could; only they (white guy property owners--like Ron and Rand Paul) could vote; indigenous folks only counted as a fraction of a human for census purposes to determine exactly how many congrssional seats to allocate to the white guy property owners like Ron and Rand Paul; they wrote a series of documents (that absurd "Declaration," their "Constitution," and what they laughingly called a "Bill of 'Rights!'") which failed to give women the vote and gives half our population NO specific constitutional rights to this day; almost 236 years later we are STILL saddled with these obscene documents written by the filthy rich bastards and which keep vast segments of the population poor--especially specific ethnic groups and women, and that is what Ron Paul supports. Those 'founders' of your's that you and Paul supporters romance with language like 'founding fathers' sure ain't no fathers of mine, of black folk, women, brown people or anybody who isn't just like Rand and Ron Paul--filthy rich and white. Those fools like Washington and Adams were just the spoiled brat sllver-spooner politicians of the day who were out to protect their greedy selves even at the expense of their wives, daughters and anybody else who got in their way. Just like the entire remaining crew of Republithief candidates--Mittens Romney, that sanitartium candidate Santorum, the lizard of a candidate-Newt, and Paul - who isn't really a candidate, he's just hoodwinking folks like you into believing he actually has a 'message' beyond ensuring his wealth and the wealth of other 1 percenters. One thing unique among the Paul supporters is how readily they offer personal insults against people they don't even know electronically in a manner most cowardly indeed; ie: your own references to my 'nonsensical' blog, and accusing me of "writing about things you don't understand." You, sir, definitely have that characteristic Ron/Rand Paul supporter mean streak. Vicious they are!

Peace Bob...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick response that did not address any of the mistakes you made in our earlier statements. Continue to spread mistruths if you like. You still got Paul's stance on public school and Medicare and Medicaid wrong. You were wrong about his age and about his ability to take a pension. You have been wrong repeatedly. You deflect by talking about founding fathers, if you like I can refer to them as the framers of the Constitution. Go ahead and actually look at Ron Paul's policies, don't listen to what your friend says actually read his policies. Sorry you obviously don't understand Ron Paul's stance on many subjects since you refuse to acknowledge your repeated misrepresentations about Ron Paul. Let's continue to support unsustainable government programs. Let's not make cuts to anything and see how far we get. You frequent Walmart how many people do you see at Walmart that are on government assistance yet driving and Escalade or wearing designer clothes? Let me tell you more than you can count. This is not to say there are people who don't need these programs because there are many that do. But there shouldn't be songs like "Swipe my EBT" and phrases like "steak on the state". I've been offered to have my groceries brought with someones EBT more than once in exchange for cash, at the very Walmart you go to. Your stance on Ron Paul is just the flip side of the coin for those people who do not believe Obama is a US citizen. Both are extreme and inaccurate.

If you respond to anything I'm posted please show my proof that Ron Paul isn't capable of taking a pension if he likes (you can't), that Ron Paul wants to abolish public schools (you can't because he has stated in interviews and print that he wants things run on a state level), or find me something that says he wants to eliminate Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security (again you can't because he doesn't want to do this but wants to allow for opting out). Please go and find me a video were Ron Paul says he wants to do any of the things you mentioned preciously, you can't.

Bob Dobalina-

Unabashed Left said...

Again, Bob, I've documented my assertions and won't waste time countering any of yours until you offer specific documentation for yours. YOU brought up the "founders" so my critique is based on YOUR comment, how is that a deflection? You Paul folks argue in a circular manner like all ideologues, because your arguments are illogical and based on emotion, not reality-based at all, which is why he is a LOSER IN EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY AND CAUCUS HE'S BEEN ON THE BALLOT FOR. The only election he's ever won is a small right-wing congressional district in TX, Bob. I use facts, you use emotive language and insults, just like Ron and his son Rand (and I've predicted elsewhere and stand by it, that Rand WILL make mistakes so bad that he won't even be able to finish his one term in the Senate). He's a laughingstock, and not even a genuine Republithief, he's just using that party to bolster himself as a Libertarian. He chose to ditch his supporters there to run his self-aggrandizing absurd Prez campaigns as a Republithief, is disloyal and ridiculously wealthy. IF you can document a single one of your assertions, I'll be glad to take the time to counter them. But as I said at the outset, just cuz you say it ain't so, don't mean it ain't so! BREAKING NEWS: IN 2012 RON PAUL RUNS FOR PRESIDENT FOR THE THIRD TIME AND LOSES!!! FIRST TIME AS A LIBERTARIAN PAUL LOSES BY A LANDSLIDE. NOW IN 2008 AND 2012 RON PAUL AMAZINGLY HASN'T BEEN ABLE TO MUSTER ENOUGH VOTES TO WIN A SINGLE CAUCUS OR PRIMARY! What a comedian!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Alexander, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Unabashed Left said...

The Ron Paul method of argumentation when losing the debate: name calling! Lol guy, and how COWARDLY. Would you actually say that to someone you don't know in person? Then you are obviously nuts, whether you hurl juvenile name-calling insults in person, or the more cowardly way, electronically! What COWARDS YOU GUYS WHO NAME CALL ANONYMOUSLY AND FROM A DISTANCE TRULY ARE! To quote your references to me just now: "insaner," "incoherent," "dumber," "rambling," "idiotic" and you actually have the nerve after that tirade to invoke God's name in vain, by asking His mercy on MY soul. You are a coward, Bob! Would you hurl such insults at a stranger in person, sir???? You are an Unabashed Coward, sir. THIS TYPE OF COWARDICE IS EXACTLY WHAT RAND PAUL IN PARTICULAR SYMBOLIZED FOLLOWING THE WOMAN STOMPING INCIDENT AND IS TYPICAL OF THE RESPONSE I GET FROM PAUL SUPPORTERS, AND CLEARLY SHOWS THE TYPE OF WHACK-O'S ATTRACTED TO HIS ABSURD CAMPAIGNS. Come on by for some tea and say the same things in person! The invitation is genuine. Come on by and engage in this type of name calling and I'd have to call the police, but do it online and anonymously and you political extremists feel safe and justified! Peace...