Sunday, March 18, 2012


The Lizard of a Candidate seems to pride himself in hiz
Debating Skills and has challenged Barack.
Barack's busy, so I am offering to debate the
anachronistic, nearly extinct Republithief candidate,
the 'Speaker' bounced by hiz own caucus,
the THRICE failed at marriage and misogynist candidate for Prez
to an
Mr. Peace, Dr. Winston O'Boogie, John Winston Ono Lennon
denied that Lucy ("L) in the Sky ("S") with Diamonds ("D")
was about the hallucinogen of choice of Dr. Timothy Leary, but he
did so with a wink. ;O) and a smile :)
Here the good Doctor and THE leader of THE band
joined forces with Sir Elton John to sing his original
acid rock tune.
We suggest that Michael Krull's email causes me to think
that Mr. Krull and the ex-Speaker may be toying with similar chemicals.
LOL guys!
"Someone is there at the turnstiles,
the girl with kaleidoscope eyes,"

BREAKING BIG NEWS: I received the following comical email from Michael Krull, the “Newt 2012” campaign manager, and then I CHALLENGED NEWT GINGRICH TO A DEBATE!
Dear Friend,

Did you catch Newt on Fox and Friends yesterday? If not, Newt was on the show discussing his plan for $2.50 gasoline and responding to President Obama's latest attacks.
During the interview, Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade noted, "Mr. Speaker, you are clearly on the president's mind....He's even using your phrases a little bit." Click here to watch the interview.

Not only is Newt "on the president's mind," he's the only candidate who is directly engaging President Obama on one of the top issues concerning Americans – gas prices.

Here's what Newt had to say regarding President Obama's decision to ask Saudi Arabia to increase their oil production: "It's kind of strange to have an       American president who favors Saudi oil over American oil. Saudi jobs over American jobs. I frankly want an energy policy so no president ever again       bows to a Saudi King."
That's the type of clear and compelling message it will take to defeat President Obama this fall. And Newt is the best messenger, with a proven track record of job creation and balanced budgets to back it up.

It is clear by the White House's specific attention to Newt that he is the candidate that they fear the most. Please make a generous donation today to help Newt continue to expose the president's failed policies and explain a better future for America.

Thank you,
Michael Krull
Campaign Manager
Newt 2012

P.S. Newt is the biggest threat to President Obama's re-election, which is why he's attacking Newt's plan for $2.50 gasoline. With your generous support today, we will continue to fight on behalf of our 176,000 donors.



Dear Michael:
Here is a REAL CONTRIBUTION TO THE “NEWT 2012 CAMPAIGN: I challenge Newt to a debate! BELIEVE ME, Barack won't be doing so at all, dude!

"Newt is the biggest threat to President Obama's re-election," OMG did this statement cause me to ROFL and LMAO, my friend! Thanks for that, I always welcome yuk-yuks! Wow are you and this morally bankrupt and laughingstock ex-Speaker (drummed out of office by his own caucus) delusional, or what! I invite you or Newt to a genuine interview with somebody who will ask REAL questions about Newt; regarding his immoral past and PRESENT behavior and his idiotic grandstanding with his $2.50 gas price nonsense and whatever else he would like to debate! LOL dude!
By staying in, you hafta KNOW you're granting your Republithief nomination to the guy your man has called the "'liberal' from Mass" that Newt now has a personal vendetta against, Mittens Romney! If not, take another hit of whatever hallucinogen you've been overdosing on, guy! :)

Believe me, I'll be delighted to rearrange my schedule completely for a debate with Grinchgin, an interview, or even to talk with you after seeing this laughable email! My time is yours if you or the Lizard of a candidate, that Newtster, would take a half hour and do a real interview for a change, but particularly if Grinchgin would take 60 or 90 minutes to debate me in front of a camera and microphones. I'm delighted to challenge Newt to a debate, since Barack is too busy ending the Republican "Great Recession," ending the reigns of terror and the lives of the likes of Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Qaddafi, negotiating Strategic Arms REDUCTION Treaties with Russia, ending organized discrimination in the military by ending the DADT policy, ending the illegal, unconstitutional and unnecessary Republican war of aggression against the sovereign nation of Iraq, keeping inflationary prices a non-issue for our economy while providing 30+ straight months of employment growth, making our made-in-America Detroit auto industry not only solvent, but once again the leader in world car sales; and so much more! I wouldn't be close to an adequate substitute for our awesome incumbent President as a debate partner, but I guarantee a forensic challenge to the Newtster, and I GUARANTEE to keep him on his toes for an hour or more if he'd like! Let's see how good a debater he is against somebody who actually disagrees with him about everything from fiscal policy to his personal conduct now and in the past. :)
PLEASE contact me by any means at any time for an Unabashed interview or a debate.

Steve Alexander

Although we might humbly consider voluntary contributions. ;O)

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