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Friday, March 30, 2012


I played it cuz I knew the warden hated it.
"Gotta let my freak flag fly!"
David Crosby
Almost Cut My Hair Today
Ever try drivin' through the suburbs in a beat up old vehicle, bein’ a guy with long hair—especially if it’s down to yer shoulders and yer sportin’ some facial hair as well? Try doin’ it for 2 weeks in a row without an ‘officer of the law’ pullin’ ya over for one ‘probable cause’ or other. IMPOSSIBLE! Besides nowadays they’ve given those ‘law enforcers’ so much in the way of ‘probable cause’ to pullya over, if ya sneeze whilst drivin’ they got a reason to testify that you wuz suspicious. No seat belt, talkin’ on yer phone, now they even wanna be able to pull ya over fer switchin’ from David Crosby on the CD to Neil Young! OMG!
Even funny hats'll getcha pulled over in Wallyworld!
I’ve been wearin’ my hair way on the long side since 7th grade or thereabouts, but never got pulled over till I started drivin’! Since then it’s been perty much non-stop.! Once in a while in my life I HAVE cut my hair, and it just doesn’t work. My friends and fambly think I’m going manic or depressed or sumthin’ and my employers [back in the old dayz when I wuz under the strange delusion that I required employers to get thru this here life thing-lol] would think I wuz getting’ hopped up on drugs or booze cuz I made myself a radical change like cuttin’ off my locks!
Even now that I'm 'socially acceptable' and making
appearances with US Senate candidates(CT's Sue Bysiewicz)
my few remaining follicles still flow from under my
baseball caps.
Of course nowadays I am, in the vernacular of the medical profession, whatcha call “follicularly deprived!” OMG! I have less in the way of functionin’ follicles than even David Crosby or James Taylor have these dayz! Ya gotta give David credit [and me], cuz he still wears those three or four hairs as long as they’ll grow [Taylor gave up way too early in the game, which is probably why Carly Simon penned a song about him called “Yer So Vain!”].
My 1996 hippie-mobile minivan has earned it's nickname.
Officially a Ford Windstar, in terms of make and model,
this vehicle has chased so many storms with me and survived
so many police stops that I now call it by
what I consider her pet name:
Ennyhew, I’ll relate toya the story of living in Wallingford, CT [better known as Wallyworld, for it’s amusement park type of Republithief Administration here in town, and the fact that one of its largest employers happens to be a major United States Postal Service sorting facility—Going Postal anyone?], driving a 1996 Ford Windstar minivan which has massive scars from a few accidents that I’ve never done the body work on, and which proudly displays a bunch ‘o liberal political stickers and magnets on her sexy rear end, and trying to do so with hair as long as my tragic follicular situation will allow.
Even Balder'n David Crosby 'n Me: James Taylor
Yer So Vain
sez Carly Simon!
When I first came to town, I came off an exit from Route 15, which is a confusing place to begin with. Route 15 has two names, the “Merrit Parkway” and the “Wilbur Cross Parkway.” I don’t know either Mr. Merrit or Mr. Cross and I have no idea why they gave it two names and where one name begins and the other ends. Besides, route 15 has little tiny bridges that a tractor trailer can’t fit under, and it’s constantly having to close down becuz some redneck driver can’t read signs and winds up wedged under these bridges!
So I make the Wallyworld scene and make a right turn on red at an exit. I see an unmarked cop car behind me (we hippies have a third sense about unmarked cars and we can spot ‘em a mile away). So this super-smooth 'anonymous' copper follows me for a quarter of a mile before turning on his siren and the lights on his dashboard and on his grill. I pull over. Cop comes outa his car decked out in a blue T-shirt and jeans. It happens to be a DARE T-shirt (Drug Addiction Awareness Education) and asks if I know I had just turned on red when there’s a sign sayin’ don’t do so. I CANNOT tell a lie. But I did, and said “Officer I had no IDEA! OMG. I’m new to town and had no clue. I’m SOOOO sorry. Like the T-shirt, officer. By the way, I just came from an AA meeting myself in Trumbull [that much was true].” The copper grins and laughs at a couple of jokes, and I figger I’m off with a warning.  The Wallyworld copper goes back to his car. He comes back with a $100.00 TICKET! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! OMG! That’s my welcome wagon to Wallyworld! I restrained myself, made no insulting comments, took the ticket and drove off. I sent the ticket back to the courthouse, saying I contested the charge, and ultimately the ticket was reversed, I didn’t have to pay it and got no points against me for a moving violation.
17 year old Trayvon Martin.
dead. Dead! DEAD!!!
I’m driving on interstate 91 thru Wallyworld and a local statey sees me conversing on my cell phone. He pulls me over. I apologize once again profusely; explain that I’m on my way to Hartford Seminary to study about God and stuff, hoping that would win this short-hair over. He gives me a $100.00 ticket for talking on the phone! OMG. I restrained myself, made no insulting comments, took the ticket and drove off. I sent the ticket back to the courthouse, saying I contested the charge, and ultimately the ticket was reversed, I didn’t have to pay it and got no points against me for a moving violation.
Next time I’m turning the corner on my OWN street that I live on. A cop pulls me over. She says I didn’t stop LONG enough at the stop sign. This time it was difficult to restrain myself, and I made an unsavory criticism of her ‘probable cause’ and exactly what constitutes ‘LONG enuff’ for her! I complained to the Wallyworld police department this time. She went back to her car, and gave me a $100.00 [do you sense a pattern here] for failing to stop long enuff at the stop sign. They reviewed the dash cam, and rebuked this ‘law enforcement’ officer. I sent the ticket back to the court house, saying I contested the charge, and ultimately the ticket was reversed, I didn’t have to pay it and got no points against me for a moving violation.
The Murderer: George Zimmerman
still walks free [paranoid now, and in hiding, coward that he is]
and still packs a 'legal' pistol!
Heaven Help Us.
Justice for Trayvon!
Throughout my life I have caused little in the way of significant harms to society, and have done some good along the way. I’m basically a really good guy. I’m also a liberal, a hippie, and like long hair on guys---as Mr. Crosby sez, it’s my Freak Flag!
Trayvon Martin had no choice in the shading of his skin. Neither did Rodney King. Neither did the slaves, who were enslaved by that ridiculous document those white guy slave owners came up with in Philadelphia in 1776. But I have every right to drive while sporting long hair and choosing a beat up minivan as my mode of transport. And I have every right to be protected and served by the ‘law enforcers’ who supposedly support my First Amendment right to emblazon the rear of my scarred and ancient minivan with liberal slogans, and in support of liberal elected officials.
David Crosby sang about 4 dead at “OHIO” in Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s” awesome ode to the 4 Kent State students killed by Ohio thugs as they protested the war in Vietnam just a few decades ago. I know too many who have died in prison, without adequate investigation. Trayvon Martin is dead. DEAD! OMG! There but for the grace of God go I. I admit to having been arrested in years past under criminal charges and spent nights in police department jail cells. They could easily have killed me, just as so many of my brothers and sisters in this country have been killed, are being killed and will be killed by fanatics who imagine themselves to be ‘law enforcers.’ The murderer in this case didn’t even have a badge, but it’s evident that he had cozied up to this police department over the years as a self-appointed ‘block watcher’ who was in fact a racist and a bigot. He pursued his hunted target the night of Trayvon’s death in direct contradiction to the orders of the 911 dispatcher and MURDERED a beautiful 17 year old boy as he came home from buying candy while chatting on the phone with his sweet 16 year old high school sweetheart!
And yet today, this white guy [like me in that one regard] STILL walks free toting a gun legally, but now in hiding because he is a coward and paranoid. The Sanford, FL Police Department is obviously not interested in nor capable of ‘law enforcement,’ rather it violates the law as it sees fit and covers it up. That department must be decimated from the top down and GEORGE ZIMMERMAN MUST BE ARRESTED AND HAVE HIS GUN TAKEN AWAY BEFORE HE MURDERS AGAIN! Heaven help us please. Amen.

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