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Sunday, November 21, 2010



Nobody gets any salary and $1.00 is collected

       by Mom--Patty--and placed into
a not-so-secure metal
cash box, if you have
the buck.
No armed security required or utilized.
Though an ambulance is running
and two paramedics
are at the ready,
just in case.

The players wear protective
gear, but are miniatures of
their NFL[and NCAA]
4th Graders, most well under 5 feet

The cheerleaders were given equal
billing and wore
modest attire, compared to
the sexploitation
utilized by the NFL via
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders,
for example.
On a chilly October eve, some
covered up in jackets
and what-not.

Next to the football field was a beach.
Another football game was being played there.
The general rules were the same, but no
striped officials were needed to
adjudicate disputes,
and dispute resolution
occurred amicably
and with justice for all.
No one in this
received any salary, either.

was the only official evident
for this pick up game.
She was reading a self-help book
and is an R.N. from
British Columbia where they
have "government medicine",
even better than "government
option", she says.
I believe her.
She, I believe, is an expert witness
on medical matters, more so
than anyone who
testified during the
Congressional fiasco on health care.
Three of the players were her sons
and her pride was evident.
She gave one of them
the metallic blue Nerf
football with which
they were playing.

The Madison Tigers were down by 7 in the first quarter,
it mattered, but nobody seemed
too concerned about the score.

And the cheerleaders cheered and
were athletic and synchronized just as well
as the football teams themselves,
and were far more beautiful
than the Dallas Cowboy

The Final Score:
The NFL is playing no game whatsoever.
It is out for profit at any cost.
The Philadelphia Eagles are playing no game whatsoever.
They are out for profit at any cost.
Michael Vick is playing no game whatsoever.
He is out for profit at any cost.
The MYFCL(Madison Youth Football and
Cheerleading League) is sponsoring
children at play with a game
that may be rough and challenging(both
cheerleading and football,
if both are done correctly I do believe) that was
made for kids.
That such play prepares kids to
live morally and ethically
upstanding lives.
Perhaps the pick-up game
on the beach is teaching
those values even more
effectively than the more
organized game
on the field.
And neither game
featured the profit motive.
Neither does Canadian Medicine.
Neither does "Mom."
Relative to the U.S., Canada's life
expectancy is growing by leaps
and bounds.  Ours is lagging
behind with
the private profit motive
 scheme we have
going still, despite
the progress made this year.
And the quality of the lives of all involved
in both games yesterday
was measurably enhanced by those
Especially my own.  What an evening!
[Thank you MYFCL, adults, and especially
the kids!]
Not so, with the NFL, the Professional
Golfers' Association(hi Tiger...  Woods),
or most professional and
Division 1 NCAA financial sports conglomerates
And neither were the canines mercilessly
abused by Philadelphia Eagles'
quarterback Michael Vick.

Augie the Doggie and Bluebelle the Wonder Cat

The Weekend is here. Please enjoy it, and
please be kind to animals.
Boycott the NFL this weekend,
if you're a football fan,
don't go to a game
or watch on TV.
Have a pick-up game 
with some kids instead, 
or go to an amateur event
involving kids and be
a good role model 
instead, please. 
Please tell your friends.
Boycott the Philadelphia Eagles.
Boycott Michael Vick.
Put an end to animal cruelty.
It's time for the BP prosecutions
to begin.
Adopt an animal instead
of buying one if you can, but
adopt, please.
Be a hero to yourself, your family
and to your new
canine or feline
family member. :-)
Donate today as generously
as you can to

Sally Alexander contributed heavily
to this photo essay, and contributes
love and support to my Unabashed
endeavors every single day of my life and for
that I can never thank God nor her enough.  Photos
taken with a cell phone around sunset
at Madison, CT on October 21, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Id rather jump off a building then not watch the NFL. Your message of boycotting the NFL really seems to get out there. Looks like your really bringing down the pro-ranks. Keep up the outstanding work.

PS - Your blogspot is pretty awful.

Unabashed Left said...

Anonymous, I disagree. I think this is a wonderful blogspot. Please don't be anonymous, I'd like to befriend you, and get your email, facebook or something and have you do a guest blog and improve my blogspot. Thanks, Steve

Unabashed Left said...

It's nearly Thanksgiving now, Anonymous, and you haven't responded to my invitation. And the boycott is spreading. But I do appreciate the compliment that my message "really seems to get out there." I do think you're right, and couldn't agree more. I absolutely do not agree that I'm bringing down the pro ranks, it's Michael Vicks and sofa warriers such as yourself that are contributing to the decline and fall of American culture. Just ask losing Connecticut U.S. candidate(by double digits, her loss), the ex-CEO of the WWE and now ex-candidate Linda McMahon who attempted to parlay her career of marketing violence as a comedy targeted at kids into a political career financed by her own $50 million! Do you think her family has to have some patience with her? What does her own financial portfolio look like now? I'm sure glad she didn't get her paws on government tax dollars. Pheww!
So it's Vick and the NFL that is bringing down our culture. Expansion and interleague play has watered down a debatable spectator "sport"--how boring is it-a 14-10 game involves only three real scores. Three total touchdowns and kicking the ball through uprights 3 times-borrrring! And with the marketing bonanza expansions galore so many talentless players are playing that they'll never be a Jim Brown or Gale Sayers again. The NFL might as well pack its boring brand of "football" up and go home with Vick. The competition itself in the little kids' game was much more exciting. Get off that couch of yours, go to a high school game in person. Get some exercise, don't let some millionaires do it and you fantasize that you're running the show. "Fantasy football", indeed. What's your's? Soccer, now there's a sport. So thanks for the compliment, I'm reinforced by it, and I'll keep up the boycott. In fact I'll write another blog about it today, thanks to your generous Anonymous efforts. Be un-anonymous please, guest blog, identify yourself and debate how "interesting" fetus ball in 2010 really is, please! :)

Anonymous said...

So you are now accusing me of being a sofa warrior? Do you even know who I am?

If you don't like 14-10 games in the NFL you do not understand football. Its all about strategy and execution; one of the main reasons it takes a week to prepare. I am not boycotting the NFL, nobody is. You are.

In regards to your blogspot. You think you are awesome because you have a thesaurus and right down a couple of big words as you ramble and ramble about nothing. I wrote about football and somehow you got the Linda McMahon and the WWF.

Anonymous said...

Also you should really watch what you say about people you do not know. Sofa warrior? You never watch TV?

Unabashed Left said...

Well Anonymous, if you'd post as something other than anonymous I'd stand a chance of getting to know you. And guess what, your assumption is wrong. U don't know me either. I watch no entertainment on TV. Zero. None. Believe it or not there is an entire majority that doesn't eat, breathe and live TV. Just use it to gather information. I don't have time to sit around being "entertained" by other people living lives for me so I don't have to bother living. Instead of obsessing about looking at a two dimensional screen and fantasizing that I'm interacting with people, I interact with people. So, no, I don't "watch TV" like the boring life you have as a sofa warrier. peace...steve alexander