Saturday, November 27, 2010


          Sideways Moon Toya Mr. Dennis Brosky of Brooklyn, NY on Facebook

Typical of Tea Party 'heros' such as those who spit on members of the U.S. Congress and American civil rights leaders, Dennis Brasky, who lists Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY as his hometown[if you plug his name into the Facebook search bar, and then his hometown into the advanced search--you'll get to his facebook page]; Brasky absurdly attacks liberals and mainstream Democrats in private, in facebook messages[for example] and won't go public on people's facebook walls or accept invitations to guest blog or comment publicly on the pages of the literary marvel that is:

This man refused my facebook friend request following the abuse of another facebook member by posting some vitriol on someone else's wall, but keeping his own wall free of any attacks on the character of others or his own. This genius somehow imagines that I won't utilize my first amendment right by acting as 'Unabashed Left' and making the editorial choice to publish what he writes "in private" on facebook, in public on the best blog ever produced by anyone, anywhere, anytime:

This particular individual engaging in bullying behavior somehow imagines himself to be a friend of the American labor movement and quotes Socialist Party member Eugene Debs prominently on his own[Dennis Brasky's] facebook wall as follows:

"I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world."

Debs, of course, was the Socialist Party member early in the last century who ran for President of the U.S. 5 times, in 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912, and 1920. Anything but cowardly and private, Debs very public labor-leading and controversial political life was abridged when he was jailed by two extremely misguided Democratic U.S. Presidents, Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson, for obvious political reasons. Debs even served two terms as a Socialist Senator for the American citizens of Indiana's 8th Senatorial district as early as the 1880's!

Corporate lawyer Clarence Darrow was so enraged by the actions of misguided political repression that he represented Debs pro-bono.  A founding member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, the Industrial Workers of the World, and disenfranchised for life for his extremely public political speech and controversial left wing stands, Debs languished in a Georgia Penitentiary prison yard and cell for nearly three years before his sentence was commuted by Republican President Warren Harding on December 23, 1921--but without the benefit of a Presidential pardon. When he left the Atlanta Penitentiary it was to "a roar of cheers" from his fellow inmates(

This extremely public speaker and American hero is cited as inspiration by a cowardly Tea Partier who wants to compromise genuine hero American troops' lives by "dismantling 1000 military bases" and cutting the budget with an axe, and fantasizing that modifying corporate tax rates will protect spending on government social programs. This fantasizing, cowardly, imagined-'left'-winger is just another Libertarian in drag, such as the Rand Paul-supporting bums who beat up a female protester outside the building where a debate between Tea Party-Libertarian-'son of Ron Paul'--Rand Paul was to occur between Rand and the Democratic Kentucky Democratic U.S. Senate candidate earlier this year. Please remember folks that now "Senator-elect" Paul more-or-less endorsed the head bashing incident by hypocritically calling for non-violent political discourse while simultaneously implying that the protester had "asked for it." Grrrrr. 

Dennis Brasky; hometown Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY; who messages privately and refuses friend request has the nerve to post photos of Mahatma Gandhi and his own wife with himself as his profile photo, and yet write 'private' character assassinations-- foolishly imagining it won't be published.  Why does anyone vote for fools such as these? Why?  I strongly suggest every Unabashed reader of this article go to and place a friend request in to Dennis Brasky; hometown Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY or hometown Brooklyn, NY(Dennis posts both as his formal Facebook hometowns); and put in your friend request RIGHT NOW! By entering this name into the Facebook searchbar and then plugging in his home town(s), it will bring you to his facebook page, where you may simply hit the friend request button for this gentleman. Let's flood this obviously emotion- and empathy-challenged man with love.  Please consider being his Facebook friend immediately. :)

Congratulations Tea Partier Dennis, you are a published author for my blog which is now being read on all 6 populated continents, including hero-readers who are risking their own imprisonment or worse simply by opening this page in nations every day where the first amendment and the U.S. Bill of Rights does not exist. Here is what transpired in "private" messages initiated by Brasky the morning of November 25th.

Dennis Brasky:

re: your friendship request and your listing as VP Young Dems-I'm sick of dealing with alleged leftists who repeatedly put their "leftism: on the shelf, "hold their noses" and support the corporate/pro Empire Democrats. The biggest obstacle to a real left in the US - one that can channel the desire of the majority that wants punishment for corporate crimes, end of wars, dismantling of 1000 military bases, cutting the war budget and re-instituting[sic] corporate tax rates of the 1950's/60's as an alternative to mass layoffs and destroying the social safety net - is the chimera[sic] of the Democrats as 'lesser evil.'"

To which I replied as:

Unabashed Left:

My reply is don't be a coward, I don't think u r. Accept my facebook friend request, which I checked and is still pending[you haven't ditched altogether quite yet--so I still have hope that you're rational] and do this publicly on my wall and yours, not behind closed doors. This type of nonsense privately in this sort of paranoid cowardly manner incites me to anger, not resentment nor rage. It provokes a feeling of sympathy and compassionate love as a big brother would have for a cowardly little bro. There really is NOTHING to be afraid of. I AM really a friend you haven't met yet. I want to be a friend that you get the opportunity to know, my little fearful brother. FEAR NOT! "You have nothing to fear but fear itself." You might remember that FDR rallied a nation with that call. Don't be a coward, because my thinking is that you're behaving sooo cowardly, and so many Tea Partiers and irrational Republicans such as yourself are, that you really aren't as scared and defensive as you seem. A link to my blog, where I invite any unedited guest blog or comment that I would allow a kindergartner or elderly grandparent to see, follows, DB. Luvya man.... Steve Alexander

This apparently somewhat delusional "left"-wing Tea Party Libertarian makes the common mistake of modern right-wingers to utilize vocabulary of which they yet to have command[George W. Bush- 'nucular' and 'misremember' and Sarah Palin - 'refudiate' -- for example] by using this term defined by as follows:

chi-me-ra:  an illusion or fabrication of the mind: especially: "an unrealizable dream chimera in my brain, troubles me in my prayer" -- John Donne

Mr. Brasky's chimera is that he is somehow not a right-wing fanatic; not acting cowardly; not taking advantage of his wife by attacking me in private and posting her photo in his own public profile pic; and by attacking myself and others in private as exemplified by his labeling me, attacking my own resume credentials, and putting words I haven't spoken into my mouth and pen in private facebook messages through my facebook page while refusing friend requests and requests to comment more respectfully in public forums; not risking American hero troops lives; and by imagining that he somehow resemble Mahatma Gandhi and Eugene Debs. Pretty much defines chimera by his own example--doesn't Mr. Brasky, here in his imagined 'private' message to me?

Naturally Unabashed Left chooses not to take advantage of Mr. Brosky's wife by publishing Dennis Brasky's own profile picture of himself with his wife, in deference to her. Since these postings, my friend request has been denied by Mr. Brasky. I'm sorry you feel that way my friend Mr. Brosky. Peace please be with you, sir. Amen.