Friday, November 5, 2010


Keith Olberman of MSNBC's "Countdown With Keith Olberman" aired weeknights at 8pm, has been unfairly suspended by NBC for small campaign donations.  In exercising his constitutional rights Keith may have made a technical violation of NBC personnel rules.  No laws have been violated, only NBC's own rules are alleged to have been slighted.

Mr. Olberman, a one-time ESPN broadcaster and astute analyst and observer of sports in this nation has catapulted to the top of the nations news media in recent years due to his perceptive and often humorous commentary, insight and observations.  During the endgame of his father's life recently he inspired millions with his sensitive portrayals and self-revelations of his feelings and his openness about the aging process and of dying and of real family values.  Thank you so much for that Keith.  Each Friday night he concludes his broadcast all this time later with dramatic, or comedic or ironic readings from James Thurber as promised at the time of his father's death.  These readings are always touching and evidence of Keith's commitment to his own commitments, a value I've benefited from greatly.

His sense of humor and his occasional sense of outrage delight me almost nightly.  I recently assisted an 83 year old friend transitioning from her home of 50 years to her new life in a skilled nursing facility here in CT.  I enjoy watching Keith at night with her in her private room before bed, and it is an anchor for her, especially during this difficult period of transition in the endgame of her own inspiring, touching life rife with public service, like Keith's in many ways, of her own.  Her favorite part of Countdown she always tells me is "The Worst Person In The World" segment he does satirically each night.  She loves, in particular, when Newt Gingrich makes the list.

NBC profiteers from having 4 liberals in prime time on MSNBC opposing their own reactionary Wall Street broadcasts opposite Keith, Rachel and the others on their "money, money, money" network CNBC, NBC and their other members of their mostly right-wing "family of networks."  That's what Rupert Murdoch's Fixed news network calls liberal media bias when they are inciting racial hatred by calling Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department racist by committing slander and claiming that Holder's Justice Department dropped the case against the idiot handful of "New Black Panthers" who intimidated voters a few years ago when the case was actually dropped 11 days before President Obama's inauguration.

Keith is a great satirist and astute guy, and an advocate for commonsense liberalism, that's just flat-out honest.  We need him on-air, the First Amendment demands it.  We'll boycott NBC and MSNBC if we must, but maybe we won't need to if NBC comes to its senses, especially NBC exec Phil Griffin( is the email address for that suit and tie) and ends this suspension and offers a sincere and public apology to one of the funniest, most astute, gentlest, and most decent satirist and social observers on cable or anywhere.  Also a great commentator and anchor as the times require.

Under the new ROBERT'S Supreme Court RULES OF election ORDER, unlimited anonymous Wall Street executive cash bought the US House speakership for John Boehner.  Keith's relatively small, constitutionally guaranteed and 100% legal donations affected the results of Tuesday's election by not one iota. Probably an error in judging the truly reactionary nature of NBC greed on Keith's part.  Let's back Keith to the hilt on this one guys!  Let's get him back on the air ASAP, PLEASE!!!  We love you, man--and I'm 100% behind you Keith!  For whatever that might be worth, because you've been 100% behind the USA for years, sir.  Thank you for your continuing service.  Flood this email:

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