Sunday, November 7, 2010


A Bright Sunny Day For Keith Olbermann

Not even one business day after suspending MSNBC's Countdown host, funnyman and anchor Keith Olbermann, the ties at NBC have capitulated to the clamor for Keith's immediate reinstatement.  He will be back for his post-suspension debut on Tuesday evening at 8pm -- real must-see TV!

Keith was alleged to have exercised his Constitutional rights by making small campaign contributions to three Congressional candidates.  And exercising his rights under U.S. labor laws as well.  MSNBC President Phil Griffin said that a two-day vacation and massive support and love demonstrated for Mr. Obermann, who has risen to the top of MSNBC ratings as an anchor and was beating Anderson Cooper of the AC 360 circus on CNN in his rebroadcasts just one hour after their original airings at 10pm[until Lawrence O'Donnell recently took over that time slot] and was threatening Fox dominance, was "punishment" enough.  Olbermann went from astute sports anchor to leading and often controversial news anchor and commentator. He took the industry by storm, to say the least, and this event can only catapult his career even further.  No harm there!

The two days of punishment was no doubt suffered Saturday and Sunday--a very long two-day weekend, no doubt-- by classless suit and tie executives Griffin, NBC News President Steve Capus(who shamed my own first name in this scheme) and NBC Universal(as if any silly little gang of Manhattan execs like this can claim the Universe--the nerve of them) CEO Jeff Zucker.  Hundreds of thousands flooded the 30 Rock phone lines, their mail room, email, facebook, Twitter, blogs and more; haranguing these petty profiteers into caving in to the bottom line.

The bottom line is NBC profits, and Olbermann's mass appeal, and the appeal of his issues.  Health care for every American.  Peace in the Middle East and South Asia.  Infrastructure spending.  Jobs, jobs, jobs.  Funding for the poor.  Continuing Social Security and Unemployment Compensation.  Expanding Education opportunity for kids, not abolishing the U.S. Department of Education, such as has been proposed by Rand and Ron Paul.  Civil Rights.  Disability rights. Justice. Waterboarding is torture.

The bottom line is that the NBC execs showed their true colors and wound up *blushing* big time.  Thanks for another belly laugh at another board room, Keith. :D LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOL