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Political Pearls: Saturday Night Tea Party--Tea Partier Can't Keep Protest Sign at Obama Rally From Blowing Away And Other Stupid Tea Party Tricks

A Picture of 14 Year Old Pound Pup Augie Doggie, Just Because It
                           Makes Me "Feel Good."
On a windy Saturday outside the Arena at HARBOR Yard in Bridgeport the weekend before election day(October 30, 2010) a 60ish white male Tea Partier came inside the yellow police taped in area and the long, massive lines of supporters that had arrived to see President Barack Obama support now Governor-Elect apparent Dan Malloy and others.  He had a huge white pad of paper of the sort used at trainings and what-not.  On the pad was written: "Pelosi, Reid, Obama: The Three Stooges."  This silly Tea Partier was about to launch a solo protest.  He was the only protester present.

Within 45 seconds the wind started to blow his sign and all the paper got out of control.  He had no clothespins, tape or any device to keep his paper in line.  His protest was already pretty much over.  I glanced over, and even the Secret Service appeared to snicker. They appeared to be lol-ing. He grew increasingly frustrated as the winds off Bridgeport Harbor frustrated every one of his efforts to straighten out his sign.  The paper wrinkled and crumpled. It ripped and his face was turning red.  This particular Tea Partier was unprepared. Indeed.  He muttered obscenities under his breath.

Unabashed Left approached the protester.  I interviewed him as he struggled with his sign.  "Do you believe that referring to the President, the Speaker and the Majority Leader as Stooges raises the level of political discourse within the nation?"  "The Tea Partier said "Well they started it."  I asked, "When, and can you quote them and give me sources to document your claims?"  "I don't have the precise times and dates but they started it!" The angered Tea Partier shouted.  The paper flying up over his head. 

"If they said bad things first, then in what way will calling them 'Stooges' elevate the level of political discourse in the nation?" I inquired.  He asked "Why don't you get out of here?" I said "About my question, how does calling people 'stooges' raise the level of political discourse in the nation?"
He used an expletive.  The paper was still out of control, but the Tea Partier persisted trying to manage his one man protest pad of paper and the sign against the persistent and gusting winds off the water.  I asked, "Really, what's the reason you're here? Why?"  "Because they started it," he shouted against me and the wind. "No, seriously, why are you really here?" I persisted. "BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD!" was the Tea Partier's only honest answer of the day.

                          Facebook Stupid Tea Party Tricks                     
I've posted on facebook frequently on local, state and national issues.  Often Tea Partiers take advantage of me and others by posting scumbag sort of comments on others' walls, and I put in facebook friend requests to them and inform them of my friend request on the walls they've offended.  Often they message me privately after I eagerly plead with them to comment on this blog or even guest blog.  Their private messages are always more pathetic than anything they'd post publicly.  They try to take advantage of me in that way.  They imagine that somehow I wouldn't take these comments and publish them for my readers' comedic enjoyment.  So here they are!

Jerry Shafer on facebook "likes" Sarah Palin and has a picture of President Barack Obama in "whiteface" as a clown up on his profile and likes a band called "Chickenfoot."  I sent him the following messages:

"Blog for me please! Be my friend? Pleeeze!! Interesting photo of the President in whiteface you have on your wall. I want to debate it publicly. Pleeeeze! Be my friend. :)  Here's the link again. "

I followed this one with:

"Wanna debate? Please comment or do a guest blog for me, I'll be glad to authorize you in a heartbeat my friend on my website.  Here's the link and my email is   HURRY PLEASE!

Tea Partier/Republican Jerry Shafer replied:

"I'd rather be Waterboarding..."

I replied:

"How about Monday night, live on network TV. Name your time. I'll bring a camera. It's not torture, is it?"

And my concluding message to Jerry:

"By the way, you've gone public anyway. All these quotes have been published at Congratulations, you are a published author. ;)  "

Jerry has not yet accepted my friend request.

                   A Final Stupid Tea Partier Trick

Right-winger Ben Blue took offense to some comments I made to the half-governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.  Ben also refers to himself and signs one of his scumbag private messages to me as "Drunken Ben."  His facebook profile contains no information identifying him in any meaningful way except the following quote from "Drunken Ben" Blue:
"Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice."

So Ben Blue took offense to my remarks on the half-governor's wall by remarking to me where no one could see:

"Palin was closer to serving 3 years than only 2 years. A little over 2.5 years.  Fact: She was heading into a "lame duck" reelection year with frivolous lawsuits that since have all been either dismissed or found in favor of Gov Palin. Fact: She wasn't rich like the Obamas or Kerrys so she had to deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees just to fight of these frivolous democratic attacks. Instead she handed over the last year of her term to Sean Parnell who was on board with her agenda....
If you are going to be fair, how about asking Obama why he quit on his people in Illinois?...At least Palin had the decency to not pretend to be one thing, yet do another...If you are going to hammer Palin about her resignation, you should also hammer Obama and countless other MEN who ... Your attack on Palin is getting really old and frankly at this stage in the game, most of us are laughing at you. Have a nice day."

I replied: "Not in CT--clean sweep here my friend! Just like it will be in 2012. Differences: Sarah was an executive and an administrator, not a legislator--quitting when she got famous and ruined any chance McCain might have had at winning because of her incompetence and by coming down to the lower 48 and signing TV contracts for millions and positioning herself to run in 2012 was self-centered and self-serving.  I'm not worried about being fair to pols. If a governor(such as Palin) or President(such as Nixon) quits before their term is up, they leave a cabinet and administration to run. Legislators do not! Your meager "analysis" is typical of drunks like Beck, Limbaugh and problem people with evident tanning problems and other personal problems like Boehner and McConnell. Besides Obama...won... by an unexpected margin. Sarah just managed to bring McCain's poll results DOWN! Why did you even mention men, let alone capitalize MEN?  Are we confusing eroticism with our politics now? Or are you a misogynist? RU supporting her because you find her sexy? Just think about it. I'm a married guy. Sarah's attractive, cute and sexy. Ben. God bless you. A link to my blog is attached, please comment, and I'll invite you to guest blog if you'd like. Steve "

Ben replies: "We are all laughing at you because you claim to be intelligent, yet you continue to run our country into economic oblivion. 2012 will be interesting, and I hope that you still are launching your sexist attacks and the old quitter montage against Palin while she is clobbering you with QE2, energy policy and zero-based budgeting.  You have fun down there in the pit of personal attacks now, OK?  :) *grin*

Drunken Ben Blue couldn't stop there he followed his own message with the message: OMG look at the money she made here, or OMG look at what her daughter did there.. or OMG she asked for bendy straws at a speech...For once I would love a debate about why you don't like Sarah Palin that doesn't mention the following: HER MONEY, HAVING AN IVY LEAGUE EDUCATION(NEITHER DID ABE LINCOLN AND IT CERTAINLY HASN'T HELPED THE BUSHES OR OBAMA), HER SAYING "I CAN SEE ALASKA FROM MY HOUSE'(BTW SHE NEVER SAID THOSE WORDS, YOU ARE QUOTING TINA FEY), HER KIDS, HER HOUSE, ETC...ETC...  God Bless and Have a Nice Day
Drunken Ben

I replied one last time:  "IC. You're assuming things, and are confused Drunken Ben. When did I ever make claims to be "intelligent?" Date, time and source, please for these claims of mine. When did I make comments about her daughter? Date, time and source for these comments of mine? Did she ask for "bendy" straws at a speech? I was unaware of that.  You still haven't answered my question.  On sexism: The only reason I mentioned her gender at all was because you referred to MEN in caps, sir.  Why did you mention men and why did you capitalize MEN? ..."

I then offered a list of Obama issues and accomplishments including reversing the unemployment decline from the "Great Recession," the pending Peace Agreement in Afghanistan, passage of the TARP legislation, Wall Street and Health Care reform, 100,000 troops out of Iraq and the rest gone next year, Barack's Nobel Peace Prize and his only 22 months thus far in office.  Drunken Ben has not accepted my friend request and would only slander me privately and would not go public--at least the rightie thought he could get away with sneaking. :D lololololol

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