Tuesday, November 23, 2010


        The TSA Superman See-Through X-Ray Machines Make about as much
                     Sense as this Sideways Moon. Sideways Moon toya!

The Federal Transportation Security Administration is barking up the wrong paranoia tree with their latest over-reaction to punk Osama Bin Laden's random attack nearly a decade ago now.  A few plastic box-cutters and a lax security situation caused by the "W" Administration's incompetence in all areas, from Katrina to spelling and pronouncing "nucular" and "misremembering" basic grammar school words and concepts has resulted in a "War On Terror" of ridiculous proportions, still to this day.

While the Communist Party in China has surpassed our own American carbon footprint, bought up so many T-bills that they own most of our national debt and are launching an unmanned moonshot this year that will demonstrate the new high-tech in their nuclear intercontinental missile capabilities; and while Russia under former KGBer Vladimir "W"-gazed-into-my-eyes-after-gabbing-thru-translators-for-1-hour-and-fell-in-love-and-trusted-me-like-a-life-long-friend Putin has tried to reoccupy the Caucuses Mountain free and sovereign nations formerly enslaved by then-Communist Party member Putin and still deploys Sub Launched Ballistic Nukes, MIG Bomber Nukes and ICBMS and Intermediate-range-as-well-as-tactical Nukes; and while Putin has formed a twisted alliance with British Petroleum, hiding out Tony "Wayward" Hayward, this nation's security people have been distracted by Bin Laden's long-defeated band of holy-war thugs.

The 9-11 nineteen have been given way too much credit. Such a thing never happened before or since, only then due to the idiocy of the Cheney/Rumsfeld[with Bush co-starring as "President"] administration.  Trillions of dollars later, 5 or 6 thousand uniformed and civilian American deaths and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani deaths and more later, the overreaction continues with the TSA. Are they thinking of bringing back the old color code paranoia, too?  Maybe Orange for scary this time. How 'bout yellow for terrifying. Maybe red for blood-curdling scream scary. And I suggest plaid for flat out TERROR. Which is, after all, precisely any guerrilla's, such as Bin Laden's or Mullah Omar's goal in life.

Neither the Taliban when in power or now, Al Quaeda now or never, the Huquanni Network, nor Iraq under Saddam Hussein have or have had legitimate air forces to speak of, navies at all, missiles of any threat whatever, large numbers of folks with rifles and/or bombs at all, not too many jeeps or tanks either.  We've had and continue to have the Air Force, ballistic and cruise missiles, drones, Air Craft Carriers, battleships, destroyers, the Green Berets, the Marines, Nuclear weapons, tons of uniforms and people with weapons to carry, oodles of conventional bombs, bombers, fighter aircraft and much, much more.  Call it insurgency, terrorism, guerrilla warfare or whatever you want--it was all started by Mao Tse Tung and Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap refined it.

The basic premise is simple. They've got lots of guns and people and we don't. So Mao told his Communist friends that "Military power stems from the barrel of a gun." Along with a lot of other happy horse____.  He told his people to be nice to the people who lived in the areas they sought to occupy.  And then just randomly murder, slit throats, rape etc. etc. etc. Chop off heads, burn people and what-not. But only the "enemy." Be nice to the farmers and the workers with cash and food and places to stay.  And scare the bejesus out of the guys supporting Chiang Kai Shek. Worked like a charm. By  1949 Chiang and the former Nationalist China was now just Taiwan and still is 61 years later.

In Vietnam, Ho and Giap used the same techniques. In the 1950's they kept the French from making North Vietnam into French Indochina and isolated them into the South.  When the Americans decided to take over in the  1960's and 70's they did exactly the same. We sent in hundreds of thousands of troops, airplanes, bombs, missiles, had nuke subs and nuke bombers nearby, nuke missiles which could nail Hanoi in minutes, the Marines, our Navy, the Green Berets and much more.  Oh what fun.

So once again outnumbered, Ho and Giap created a trail through Laos and Cambodia and named it after Uncle Ho.  The South Vietnamese people were now fed up with foreign invaders so Ho and Giap had a large group of Viet Cong to do the hand-to-hand murdering and terrorizing of our troops in jungles which they knew like the backs of their hands.  Dr. Henry Kissinger, a political science professor, decided that as National Security Adviser and foreign-born the best way to run the world was to be President of the U.S. and Secretary of Defense by becoming Secretary of State.

The political scientist decided to defoliate the Ho Chi Minh trail, and spread the war to Laos and Cambodia.  So now the war dragged on. 100 dead American troops a week in the papers, then 200. Film at 6 and 11. Walter Cronkite even got pissed and started showing real dead bodies of American pimply kids who were forced to go by draft.  Protests. John Lennon. Abbie Hoffman.  Ohio State. Johnson quits the race after he looks like a loser in 1968. So the United States under the military leadership of an Ivy League political scientist like Kissinger accomplished what France couldn't. We lost South Vietnam, our own personal dictator of the day, Nguyen Van Thieu[today it's Hamid Karzai] had to book, and highlight films showed people being lifted by rope off the Saigon U.S. embassy sealed the Jimmy Carter victory. Nixon resigned. Kissinger also lost Laos and Cambodia, too.  Not even the French military accomplished any of that! The economy tanked and we had Wage and Price Freezes and Controls! Riots. Bobby Kennedy and George Wallace shot. What fun. Great Job Political Scientist Kissinger!

As an aside, Kissinger got the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating a cease-fire with North Vietnamese negotiator Le Duc Tho, for negotiating the loss of three sovereign nations and turning Cambodia over to the Killing Fields of Pol Pot. Congratulations Henry!  Don't forget that it was Ph.D. Henry who went and played ping pong with Mao and that People's Republic of China that we're now doing battle with economically AND militarily now almost 40 years after Henry A.'s other really secret stuff in Peking, besides his secret Congressionally unauthorized wars in Laos and Cambodia/Kampuchea!

No matter how you slice it--guerrilla war, call it 'terrorism' if you'd like, insurgency or whatever.  It's all asymmetric warfare.  It's the Steven King approach to war.  If they have more guns and bullets and people, then it's asymmetric. Unbalanced. So get 'em off balance.  Move in quick and just get a few of their guys and really butcher 'em and make 'em look bad. Do it at night when you know the area and neighborhood and they have no idea which street is which. Get as much publicity for the violence you cause so it gets onto the network TV at home. Scare the ____ out of the folks back home.  Get it onto the nightly news, or now the 24/7 news channels.  Get those poll numbers for the incumbents down, and reduce support among the people. Get the hatred and rioting going again.

See if ya can get Joe McCarthy type paranoia goin'.  Reduce the home folks quality of life.  Make 'em use X-rays on people at airports just like the ones Superman had that lets you see interesting body parts usually hidden by clothes.  Cause 'em to deprive people of their rights to liberty.  Make 'em pat 'em down and feel those body parts in person. Have folks at home watching The Weather Channel showing an interview of a woman talking about how embarrassed she was when a rude TSA guy bounced her prosthetic breast out of her shirt!  Have one U.S. President leave office as the most unpopular in American history with what's known as the "Great Recession" going on.  Then bring the next President's poll numbers down, too.  Get that President kicked out of office.  Have Petraeus and McChrystal ascendant again and the uniformed brass talking trash again publicly about civilian control of the government. Overthrow. Military dictatorship. Chaos. Jihad wins! Yippee?

President Obama needs to take charge of the TSA here.  And of the Intelligence community and of the Defense Dept. when Secretary Robert is finally shown the Gates.

Internet people have taken charge for now here, and that's a good thing, I do believe. Brian Sodergren of Ashburn, VA and James Babb and George Donnelly of Philadelphia have set up WeWontFly.com and a facebook page promoting NATIONAL OPT-OUT DAY. They're boycotting the X-rays and forcing pat-downs. So on balance, we say BOYCOTT PEOPLE, BOYCOTT THE TSA BODY SCANNERS ON NOVEMBER 24TH THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING!

We've got a boycott of Michael Vick, the NFL Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL in general to keep an eye on which Unabashed Left has spearheaded.  We also launched a Democratic-Liberal boycott of Fox News and their supposedly liberal Alan Colmes. So that list is larger by one. Here it is:




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