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Monday, November 22, 2010


Fox News has one "liberal" left on its Unfair and Unbalanced Rupert Murdoch cable channel. Alan Colmes is a straw man constructed by Murdoch to enhance his bottom line profits. The most boring news commentator on TV, irrelevant to any demographic category whatsoever, a mediocre writer, with little insight to offer and unable to hold his own in a debate with their own back bench on-air unscheduled part-time Tucker Carlson for decades now, since the two were paired up at CNN on Crossfire, and then simultaneously migrated from Atlanta to Manhattan together ever since then.  He has no scheduled air-time, appears unpredictably, has a low salary compared to their "stars" like Palin, Beck, Gingrich, O'Reilly, Hannity, even Huckabee.

Anyone who looks at the writing on his website can see his medicroty as a writer, and his incapacity to analyze much.  He also has a page on facebook that is sponsored by Murdoch and by Fox News(Fox is given credit for the page). 

On September 1st I received this message from Colmes along with an absurd promotional photo:

"Thanks very much...I'm also here: "

This blog approached Colmes recently to comment on this page and his reply was:

"Hi...I don't like to critique other sites, just not my thing. Blogs are always works in progress and need to reflect the sensibility of the person cultivating it. Keep it visually interesting, keep reflecting how you see the world...that's the best I can offer."

Colmes was certainly accurate in his reporting. "That's the best he can offer." His own blog is cluttered, monotonous and visually much too complicated and just busy.

I recently sent him a personal facebook message in my efforts to raise money for the American Red Cross efforts in Haiti during the recent Hurricane, Tomas, while the storm was unleashing it's fury on the earthquake, cholera and otherwise devastated nation, and the suffering men women and children of the most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere. Former President Bill Clinton, under UN auspices is doing awesome work to assist the nation, which is actually half of the island of Hispaniola, sharing it with the Dominican Republic. I messaged Fixed News Colmes as follows:

"More than a quarter million dead--that's hundreds of thousands--and way more than a million displaced including KIDS! Please do what you can to raise cash for the group TODAY with infrastructure on the ground and around which the UN, US AID, the Coast Guard and others are working, please Alan. Here's the link. Thanks... Your Friend, Steve Alexander"

Colme's reply:

"please take me off that mass email list...thank you."

He offered a lecture of what he called "netiquette" at one point in our discussions. I offered some criticism of his approaches on his Fox News facebook wall on November 21 as a celebrant of my favorite amendment to the US constitution, the first, and his debating style was to delete me within 60 seconds from his page, both my personal and my fan page were deleted almost simultaneously.  "Netiquette." A professional debater unable to accept criticism from this fledgling blogger.

Colmes appears to be a straw man set up by Murdoch and Fox for smoke-and-mirror games, though at this point my biases may impinge upon my objectivity.  The network has gone criminal by doing things like launching a campaign earlier this year by several different anchors claiming that the Justice Department[under the best Attorney General the nation has seen since Elliot Richardson on the Republican side and Robert F. Kennedy on the Democratic side] Eric Holder, who happens to have different skin pigmentation than Colmes, Murdoch, O'Reilley, Hannity, Beck, Palin etc; and coincidentally the same skin pigmentation as the current incumbent President of the U.S., his boss, Barack Obama[potentially the greatest U.S. President since the likes of FDR and real Republican Honest Abe Lincoln--YES WE CAN, Mr. President] dropped the criminal charges against the couple of ludicrous bullies who attempted to intimidate 2008 voters calling themselves "New Black Panthers."  Turns out that the charges were dropped in January of 2009 BEFORE Barack was even inaugurated.  Slander laws still exist.

The Fixed News campaign included a so-called whistle-blowing former Justice Department lawyer who called the Obama-Holder Justice Dept. "racist."  Among other things, Holder and Obama have sacrificed much to engage in their lives of public service.  In the short time he's been in office, the Attorney General has done much including helping to secure a $20 billion advance from BP for their Gulf oil crime, and setting up Justice Dept. offices in New Orleans during that event to keep a personal eye on Hayward, Suttles, and all the BP criminals and intimidated them into taking their responsibilities a good bit more seriously than they would have had the Justice Dept. not visibly set up shop in their neighborhood!  Imagine the sacrifices of Barack's and Mr. Holder's families on a day-to-day basis so that they can serve the public good.

How irrelevant is race-baiting in 2010???  And how can Obama and this Attorney General go about enforcing the slander and other laws now, given the political environment of fear the "Tea Party Movement" has engendered[spitting on Civil Rights history-making Congressmen during the health care vote endgame, cutting gas lines to members of Congress' family members' homes, Eric Cantor claiming to have had his office window shot out, when a police report indicated it was a random graze, Congressman Stupack being called "Baby Killer" on the floor of the House, soon-to-be Speaker Boehner providing an example for the nation's Kindergartners by calling his Republican party the party of "HELL NO!" on that same House floor, etc., etc.].

The right-wing is out of control, and taking advantage of these two men in particular, the President and the Attorney General.  And it appears to be Rupert Murdoch leading this right-wing fanaticism[just ask the three Republican Presidential contenders currently dependent upon his bankroll--Palin, Gigrich and Huckabee].  Colmes, if he is liberal at all, and he's not, is designed intentionally to be the one very weak non-reactionary on the channel. In this manner the fans of this tragicomedy that is Fixed News may actually subliminally believe their comical slogan that they are "Fair and Balanced" or that "The spin stops here." Absurd.

SO I AM CALLING FOR A BOYCOTT OF ALAN COLMES! BOYCOTT FOX NEWS. BOYCOTT HIM ON FACEBOOK, BOTH PAGES. BOYCOTT LIBERALAND.COM AND BOYCOTT ALAN.COM AND ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH THIS GUY. He either is a Democrat in the mold of Alvin Greene, being taking advantage of by the nuts on the right or he is neither Democratic nor liberal. It is far more likely the latter! Someone posted the deposit required for the then-unemployed Greene to win the South Carolina Democratic Primary for US Senate this year against Vic Raul because his name appeared at the top of the ballot alphabetically. Greene's inability to even formulate sentences was a sad sight to see for the entire nation. Republican Jim Demint wound up beating Greene in the general election by 34 percentage points, 62 to 28 percent! Colmes is either being taking advantage of like Alvin was, or he is a fake liberal and a faux Democrat. SO THE DEMOCRATIC AND LIBERAL BOYCOTT OF FOX NEWS AND ALL PRODUCTS, BOOKS, BLOGS, OR ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH ALAN COLMES BEGINS. 

And remember please, that for all your military affairs, sociological, political, sports, meteorological and comedic needs your one-stop-shop is UNABASHED LEFT provided as a public service for your reading convenience conveniently right here at!!! Happy Thanksgiving Week to all!

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