Saturday, February 11, 2012


Sadly, not yet humbled after her trouncing for the Prez nod, still full 'o rage;
Bachmann was funny at CPAC yet incompetent
in taking on the likes of mental midget
Howard Stern.
Yes, Michele, Masters Lennon and McCartney, had it right:
You're a Loser!

No, no, no, no! Say it ain’t so! Here I was, just beginning to think that Michele Bachmann, now that she had the Presidential Fever successfully excised from her being by consistent trouncings in public polls and at the booths and caucuses by demonstrating true humility and the ability to laugh at herself with the best speech of the entire CPAC convention, I sadly received this email from her this very next day. :’(

At CPAC this week, Ms. Bachmann quipped about her own absurd campaign for the Presidency just ended by commenting that her experience in running was one dose of dreadful humiliation after another, because of her own blundering lack of command of both the facts and the English language. She said words to the effect that she learned three key lessons from her run for the top. She now knows Elvis’ birthday (she famously got that wrong on the campaign trail); she now also knows where John Wayne was born (she got that one wrong, too, trying to impress the pro-Duke vote). And then she quipped, showing a  bit of ability to take a comedic side swipe at Rick Perry who couldn’t remember the three Cabinet Departments he intended to eliminate during a national Presidential debate, “"Thirdly, I learned never forget the three things that you learn."
Michele's current debating opponent, Howard Stern,
and she loses by default because she can't even
reply without misspellings, bad grammar and gaffes galore!

But alas, today I received from her (she delusionally believes that simply because I signed up to receive campaign info during her rollicking funny campaign that I am a “friend and supporter!” Well, LOL Ms. Bachmann, I consider myself a friend to all, but here’s a secret: I’m no more a supporter of your campaign for any political office, including re-election to Congress, than is Howard Stern!!! LOL Michele!

So the Bachmann stab at humor and humility lasted less than 24 hours, as she is now trying to capitalize on the anti-Howard Stern vote to raise outside cash to get her re-elected to Congress! OMG, how funny this email is. Take a close look at the email. This thing wasn’t even spell-checked and the typos are insane. I cut and pasted the text of this email, so all the grammatical, run-ons, and spelling errors are those put out by Bachmann and her campaign staff! IE: you sure don’t want Howard Stern being stern to Michele on the ‘publicairwaves,’ and you just know that when Michele speaks she’ll tell you that “." Idon'taccept this false choice, and I know you don't either.” Her bloopers continue (at least 20, count ‘em, 20 typos, spelling or grammatical errors in a half page document) even though she has no platform any more except email. Sad. No, no, no, no! Say it ain’t so!

I’ve reproduced the text of this ludicrous document verbatim, including the big colored "Contribute’s" which were actually links to donate to her Congressional campaign. OMG! The Republican Party is almost gone. Good thing. Bad thing for comedy though!

Bachmann loses this spelling bee!

From The Desk Of

Michelle Bachmann

Dear Steve,

Earlier this week, notorious shock jock Howard Stern called me "the worst person in theworld" during his daily radio show.

To conservatives, this message from Howard Stern, a man whose only contribution to our culture was years of corrupting America's youth on publicairwaves, was clear: "either abandon your beliefs and agree with me, or be dragged through the mud and demonized on national radio." Idon'taccept this false choice, and I know you don't either.

While Stern can say anything he wants on satellite radio, his words have an impact on his millions of listeners as well as the peoplehis listeners talk to, which is why I need your help to counteract with our positive message.  We must fight back and maintain our focus onwhat is important.

Help me fight the attacks!

We can't let baseless attacks distract us fromtaking our country back.

Make a contribution within thenext 24 hours and help me fight back against Howard Stern.


Like it or not,Howard Stern and his friends in the media elite have powerful platforms, spreading their intolerance of conservatives like you and me to millions ofradio listeners every day. To them, there's no such thing as accountability or decency; they'll say or do anything to get what they want, even when itmeans launching vicious personal attacks and spewing vulgar nonsense. Time and time again, though, we've proven that  we won't back down inthe face of attacks like these, and we're not about to start today. I'm running for re-election to the United States Congress to continue tofight for our shared values, and I hope you'llsupport my efforts with an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100, or any amount up to the legal limit to help fight these vicious attacks withinthe next 24 hours.

These are serioustimes, and our nation faces serious issues. The direction that America is headed requires serious discussion by serious people, and Howard Stern isnot a serious person. We cannot allow attacks from him or anybody else to distract us from a laser focus on what is truly important: holdingPresidentyourhelp, our message of prosperity for our nation's future will drown out the noise of their attacks.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship. Together, we will take our country back. 


Michele Bachmann

PS. I'm running for re-election to the United States Congress to stand up for the common-sense conservative policies that made our nationgreat. By launching baseless attacks, Howard Stern hopes to disorient our movement from fighting for these core values. I know you won't let him, andthat's why I'm asking you to help me fight back bymaking an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100, or any amount up to the legal limit within the next 24 hours. Thank you.                  


Paid for by Bachmann for Congress

  P.O. Box 25950 |Woodbury, MN 55125

My strong suggestion is don't bother donating to her, instead re-elect our awesome incumbent Barack Obama and click here:


Anonymous said...

Did you really just call the most brilliant successful radio guy of all time a mental midget? If you did you obviously have no idea who Howard Stern is. Get informed, listen to him, pay attention, dont just repeat the stereotypical garbage you hear others say. Thats what republicans do. if i missread sry

Unabashed Left said...

Yes. Yes, Anonymous, I did in truth call Stern a 'mental midget!' Mea culpa! Not as diminutive as one who takes the time to post serious comments about radio comedians on a political blog. I just didn't have your Identity, Mr. Anonymous, or I'd have given the mental midget award to you. ;O)