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I generally keep my writing and journalism projects somewhat separate from each other, but I’m happy to make this announcement here on my pride and joy, Unabashed Left, that is,, your one-stop shop for all your military affairs and comedy needs. I’ve been a reporter for the mainstream online newspaper, which has given me incredible editorial freedom over the more than a year I’ve been affiliated with them. I started as their Hartford Government Examiner (linked thusly: ) and then was assigned a second detail as the New Haven Culture Examiner ( ). Now, thanks to Examiner and their new ACE cooperative partnership with CBS and other major national media outlets, I am now a contributor to CBS. This blog page has gone over the 6 figure mark in readers and the next milestone of 200,000 should happen soon, and just yesterday the Unabashed Left fan page on ( achieved its first one thousand fans. Overall on Facebook on all our pages we now can count over 9,000 active participants. I can only attribute the incredible success of this writing project to the liberal nature of its message and its wonderful readers and supporters who keep me going day in and day out.
A side note; I continue to recuperate from my neurosurgery last December, remain on medical leave from Hartford Seminary where I am hoping to resume studies as a Master’s Degree student in May. It’s looking good that that will be possible, as well. Thanks to all of you very much! Below is the note I posted on Facebook yesterday.


by Steve Alexander
I’m happy to announce that I’ve agreed with the ACE program, “Assignment Center For Examiners,” a cooperative venture between online newspaper, CBS, and other news outlets, to write as a journalist in a new capacity for this exciting new project. My focus will be entertainment, but I will be called upon and am encouraged to offer my own ideas regarding article submissions. I will receive a much higher per/article payment, and have the obligation to publish on demand within a reasonable length of time, but I am greatly pleased with this opportunity. Having the chance to have articles exposed on a national network is a boon to my Unabashed Left writing project, and without my thousands of supporters here on Facebook, the tens of thousands at both of my Examiner pages ( and, and the hundreds of thousands who have visited my own page, Unabashed Left (, none of these successes would be possible. So once again to my readers I say:  TYTYTYTY! And, btw, yippee. : )
Below are some of the terms of the agreement between myself, Examiner, ACE and CBS; including provisions for personal appearances on broadcasts. Uh oh! Lol. Peace…
After your article has been submitted, Examiner and CBS will review it and will either accept the article and/or photo as-is, or will indicate any required changes.  Change requests will generally be sent to you within 6 business days, and you will be required to submit all changes within 2 business days from the date of the change request. 
1. You are required to make, and you will not receive any additional compensation for, any changes necessary to ensure compliance with these Supplemental Terms (including all CBS editorial and formatting requirements), the Editorial Requirements, or other terms or conditions.
2. Changes made after acceptance of any article, or changes made to the substance of the article or photo which are not for the purpose of compliance with applicable terms and conditions, will be subject to a charge.  Unless otherwise indicated in an assignment, you will receive $5 for each of these changes once the change has been accepted.
3. Please note that CBS is NOT obligated to accept any articles or photos, even if you have made changes to them in response to requests by CBS.  If CBS does not give final acceptance of your article and/or photo, you will not be paid for that submission, and you will retain ownership thereof and rights therein, provided however that it will remain a Work pursuant to the Examiners Agreement and as such, you will have granted the rights set forth therein to
Idea Submissions:  From time to time you may be requested (by or a Customer) to submit ideas for articles.  Any ideas you submit are deemed to be Works submitted under the terms of the ACE Contributor Agreement and these Supplemental Terms.  By submitting an idea to CBS or you grant a perpetual, irrevocable license to CBS and to use such idea in any manner or media without any compensation, credit, or notification to you.

6. Media Appearances and Contact with CBS:
CBS may occasionally request that certain ACE Contributors appear on a local CBS television or radio show, or another public or media appearance (collectively “Appearances”).  You are not obligated to participate in any requested Appearances, however should you choose to do so:
1. You are solely liable for anything you say or do, or any costs you may incur, or any damages or liabilities arising as a result of, your participation in any Appearance.  
2. During any Appearance, you are required to identify yourself as follows “I am the ____ Examiner and I write for” or otherwise as instructed by
3. You are prohibited from having any continued contact directly with CBS until you receive permission from (which will be granted following termination of’s agreement with CBS).  All communication between you and CBS must be facilitated by

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