Sunday, February 5, 2012


The exhibitionist Head of State and Head of Government current Russian
Prime Minister,
and soon to steal the office once again, bare-chested 60 year old
"President" Vladimir Vladmirovich Putin

Well it can only mean into the streets singin'
Thanks Johnny

Vladimir Vladmirovich Putin, the man called Vladd, is a sicko indeed. Just look at how he gets off as a head of state via exhibitionism, trying to have himself photographed semi-nude in every conceivable action. OMG what a perverted geezer (nearly 60 years old and looking every bit of it from what I can see—ladies,  you tell me?).

Seriously folks. Genuine photos of the Prez of Russia.
Damn. Hope he doesn't hook one of those sizable male 60
year old boobs of his! OMG!
What a sicko!
Lol dude, you're a laughingstock!
But his exhibitionist streak aside, this guy’s background’s enough to scare any decent person from not wishing the Vladdman to spend any time alone with any underage niece, daughter, sister or any loved one for that matter. His “credentials” begin with his membership in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union going all the way back to the instant he was eligible back in the early 1970s, his membership in the KGB and his job as a spy for the KGB—he even spied on his fellow classmates at college for the Communist dictators of the Soviet empire! He actually did a stint outside of Russia spying on Germany for his Communist taskmasters! That’s Vladd forya. Exhibitionist, turncoat, spy, Communist. What more could you want in a Presidential candidate?
Russian heroes protest Vladd February 4th, 2012
from The Guardian of London
When legitimate Russian President Boris Yeltsin resigned in 1999, Putin became President by default as the then Prime Minister. He won election to the office in 2000. In office he abused Chechnya and the Caucus countries generally militarily, created a stagnant economy and rededicated huge sums to the Russian military. He managed to make Russia very unpopular throughout Europe diplomatically and mistrusted throughout the world with his isolationism and annoying activities overseas.  After his reelection in 2004, the Vladdman clamped down on freedom of speech, and centralized broadcast media control and limited rights to publicly criticize Mr. Vladd. Independent human rights watchdogs such as Amnesty International and Freedom Watch became concerned and place Russia under Putin in the “not free” category once again, post-Soviet Union.
Words by Otis Redding,
vocals by the Queen Aretha Franklin,
all we Occupiers are askin' fer is just a little
Putin, meanwhile decided to dedicate the limited resources of the Russian people once again on the military, and now Russia has the largest nuclear weapon stockpile on earth with the United States a close second. They boast the largest intercontinental bomber force and a mandatory draft for all young Russian men and over a million in uniform. Russia poses more of a military theat to the United States under Putin than Al Qaeda, Saddam or Afghanistan ever did!
The Russian constitution prevented the bare-chested super-pol from running for reelection to the presidency in 2008, but that didn’t deter him from taking over as Prime Minister once again, placing a tool named Dmitry Medvedev in office for 4 years and having Medvedev expand the presidential term of office to 6 years whilst in office, and then having Medvedev announce at a United  Russia (the Putin political Party) convention that Dmitry would ‘step aside” so that the Man from Vladd could run at the head of the ticket once again for Prez on March 4, 2012 for another 6 year term, with an option for a second which would put him in power of Russia for a grand total of time exceeding that of “Uncle” Joe Stalin! Democracy in action!
Parliamentary elections this year and last are widely seen as having been rigged by Putin’s people, and there is doubt that the Prez contest next month will be any  more on the up and up. The result: mass protests. Moscow especially, but also St. Petersburg and other cities have seen huge public protests opposing the government. 3 or 4 in Moscow in the past month alone. Even the government concedes that 40,000 have been on the scene to denounce the topless autocrat, and estimates of 100,000 or more in Moscow seem reasonable.
Originally considered a shoe-in to steal  the Head of State status once again, even Vladimir Vladmirovich  “on Wednesday acknowledged that he may not win the presidency in the first round of voting” according to the NY Times. Whilst doing so, he adds an implied threat by saying: ““Obviously, I would not run for office if I didn’t expect to win,” he said, at a meeting for young lawyers who are planning to serve as election monitors, according to the Interfax news agency. “I also understand, and think, that a second round implies an extended period of infighting, a destabilization of our political situation. But there is nothing terrible in this. I am prepared, if it is necessary, to run in a second round.” Nice guy.  
If Vladd can’t stuff the ballot boxes enough for his state-dominated media to report in excess of a 50% majority for the dude on the March 4th election night, then a runoff is mandatory. Putin is implying consequences should this happen. What a dude!
This protester's portrait of the man from Vladd, this time
 with his chest bedecked in a shirt and tie, sez:
"Sack" Putin.
We agree.
Putin is also posing a problem for the United States and the rest of the world, besides the Russian heroes who are risking life and limb to denounce this ruthless fool. Just today he, along with China, vetoed a legitimate UN Security Council resolution against Syrian murderer and “President” Bashar Al-Assad” who is killing thousands of protesters in Syria, on a 13 votes for the measure against Syria to the 2 (Russia’s and China’s) against—but both China and Russia have veto power on the Council. Russia frequently stymies diplomatic and humanitarian efforts by the US government throughout the world.
Moscow February 4th, 2012
So these heroes in Moscow and throughout Russia truly deserve our support big-time! OCCUPY THE KREMLIN RUSSIANS, WE HAVE YOUR BACK!
This Flasher Fanatical Fool of an Exhibitionist Bare-Chested Topless Vladdman might get away with declaring himself Prez one more time in March, but look for him to be tossed on his ass before the year is over! And all I’ll have to say to this back-stabbing self-serving megalomaniac is goodbye and good riddance! It’s time for Vladimir Vladmirovich Putin to read the writing on the wall: TAKE A HIKE!


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