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Friday, August 6, 2010

Economc Hardship: BP's Not So Subtle Doug Suttles Bails Out on the People and Creatures in the Gulf of Mexico!

The cement at the top of the BP well isn't dry, and the pemanent "bottom kill" operation via the relief wells hasn't begun. But the ink, pictures and video look good, so Doug Suttles, the BP executive in charge of the Gulf operations is relocating his life back to home in Houston. 
Just maybe his premature homecoming is for the following reasons: 
1) To "Get His Life Back" a la Tony Hayward. 
2) To steer media attention away from the Gulf as much as possible. 
3) As his $50,000,000.00+ media blitz ridiculously declares: "Staying in the Gulf until he makes this right"(as if 11 dead men and their devastated families, dead wildlife, poverty, disease, injury and species eliminated can ever be made "right"). Apparently Doug Suttles figures everything is all "right" now!
The only good news from a BP executive since this whole mess began was Tony "Wayward" Hayward's" resignation and BP exile to Russia, where there are no warm water ports and no yacht races. 
Unabashed Left is investigating to see if this move is designed to avoid Tony's extradition to the US for testimony and/or criminal charges--certainly it's easier to extradite from the UK than from Putin's Russia, and certainly Tony's 1st choice in life is not to be a figurehead over BP's ongoing project in Russia! We are checking into the extradition treaties with Russia and will report back here at - ASAP. What do you think Tony and BP's motives here are? Comments welcome and always are. Argument and opposing views are most welcome always here.  Peace....

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