Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Medical Matter: Unabashed Request For Prayers

You may notice that Unabashed Left has not posted daily recently, and may not do so particularly in the several days to come.  Tomorrow we will undergo Iodine Radiation treatment at the Smilow Cancer facility at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut for a benign Thyroid condition.  We've had a very positive experience with the folks at the Smilow Hospital and shout out to them and recommend them to anyone in need of such services, particularly the Nuclear Medicine folks.
We'd also like to offer our thanks to the nice and competent people at Endocrine Associates of New Haven as well, also highly recommended.
Thanks to expert and loving care, we anticipate a speedy and full recovery, but prayers are most welcome and always are.  Often in times of trouble I hear people say "All we can do is pray."  Unabashed Left submits that prayer is our first and most powerful tool in any and all circumstances--not a last desperate resort. So Unabashed Left offers this prayer to anyone who might read this post:
"May the reader be blessed with joy and happiness.  And may they and all those in their lives, friend or foe, also be so blessed. May they all find Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Humanity and all God's Creation." Amen and Peace....

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