Friday, August 13, 2010

Unabashed Left Endorsements For Connecticut Governor and U.S. Senate

Ned Lamont fell short in his effort to gain the Democratic nomination for Governor in Connecticut in Tuesday's Primary.  Dan Malloy ran a very effective campaign, having been behind in the polling for the 6 months prior to August 10th.  His margin of victory was impressive, and Ned's immediate declaration of support for the Democratic nominee was equally impressive, but what we've come to expect from a man of integrity and vision like Mr. Lamont.
Unabashed Left had endorsed Ned for the nomination. We now eagerly endorse Dan Malloy to replace Jodi Rell as the Governor of the great state of Connecticut!!!
It's time to rally behind all the nominees and especially Dan, who is poised to put an end to the Rowland/Rell reign in Hartford.
After all these years and the state of the state they've left us in, all Nutmeggers need a Democrat of Dan Malloy's stature as Connecticut's new CEO.
We noted with irony that the national media seemed much more obsessed with the predictable victory of WWE CEO Linda McMahon in the Republican primary that she purchased for $20,000,000.00, and promises to spend a whopping total of over $50,000,000.00[our meager math mind tells us that this amount works out to way more than $100 for each vote she will garner in November--OMG--is this what our politics have been reduced to?] in her soon to be fabled "Quixotic Quest" to lose to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.
The WWE angle will be fascinating to the celebrity conscious media, and Mr. Blumenthal faces this celebrity problem among many difficulties[her $50,000,000.00+ campaign budget being just one other] he'll face in the weeks to come.
McMahon tauts her financial abilities in turning around a small operation[the WWF] into a big operation. The problem is, of course, that she did so by marketing assault, rage, self-centeredness, and the use of weapons[ie. throwing chairs, bashing opponents with whatever is at hand, tossing referees, managers and opponents out of the ring and onto the floors and seats below, etc.] to the impressionable and innocent children of our state and nation. And marketing assault as "funny."
This representative of the Republican party[which professes self-righteously to have a corner on the market for "family values"] has contributed to the downfall of American culture, helped toward rendering that culture mindless and stupid, and contributed to the delinquency of our minors on a wholesale basis--all in the selfish interest of making money! What a morally bankrupt individual Linda McMahon is.
If she had any fiscal sense whatsoever, why is she spending $50 million in an attempt to buy a Senate seat in 2010 against the most popular politician in CT history, when in 2012 she has a much clearer playing field--when Lieberman's seat is once again up? Please keep your hands off the federal budget Ms. Amateur Politician McMahon, you can't even manage your own sizable stack!
Despite a somewhat rocky road the last few weeks for Mr. Blumenthal, he needs every Democrat's support and deserves it.  He will be a great Senator, and certainly the best of the two we will have in D.C. next January. Let's rally also to the Connecticut Attorney General's aid! Unabashed Left endorses Richard Blumenthal for the U.S. Senate and encourages all to do the same!
We Democrats should be grateful to Ned and for his gubernatorial campaign. So should Dan Malloy, for helping to put focus on his policies and on the state Democratic agenda. Dan is way ahead in the polls for November, in large part because of Ned's campaign.  All Democrats should encourage Mr. Lamont to run for office again--Unabashed Left believes his talents have always been well suited to the U.S. Senate, and Connecticut needs to retire Joe Lieberman. Ned was the man 4 years ago, and is just the man 2 years hence to replace the Republican/Democrat/Independent/ self-serving Senator. We urge Ned to consider such a candidacy.
With President Obama re-elected in 2012, Ned Lamont winning that Senate seat to join Senior Connecticut U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut will have put the A-Team inside the beltway! Please: Run, Ned, Run!

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