Sunday, August 29, 2010

Political Pearls: Cause For Optimism In Nevada and Kentucky

Even though those on the right today terrify those of us on the left by continuing to look towards comedians such as Glennnn Beck, "Head" Rush Limbaugh and "Tanman" Boehner for their ideological direction and purpose, there is some cause for optimism among all those mainstreamers out in real America.
In both the Kentucky and Nevada U.S. Senate races Tea Partiers/Libertarians Rand Paul and Sharrrron Angle took the Republican parties of those states by surprise when they won the Republican primaries and usurped that party's Senate nominations.  At the time most Republicans, independents and Democrats had not yet had the "advantage" of hearing either one of these candidates express what might loosely be termed their "political views."
Since both have spoken publicly, about such things as repealing the 1964 Civil Rights Act and "eliminating/privatizing/placing the Social Security trust fund into the Stock Market,"  and since both have had to invest in good running shoes as they've sprinted away from questions by mainstream media; mainstream voters in both states have shown signs of conscious awareness.
In the Nevada race between Ms. "Right" Angle and Senator Harry Reid, according to the Rasmussen Reports poll, immediately after the primary Angle led Reid by 50% to 39%.  Since opening her mouth[and then censoring it] the same poll has a dead heat at 47% each going on as of August 18th.  The August 25 Mason-Dixon poll has Harry with a 45-44% lead.
In Kentucky following his primary win SurveyUSA had Rand Paul ahead of state Attorney General Jack Conway by 51-43%.  Since Libertarian Rand Paul, son of Libertarian Ron Paul, has opened[and then closed] his mouth Reuters reported this week that its poll of all registered voters in the Bluegrass State has Paul and the Attorney General in a dead heat at 40% each going into the home stretch.
So, we might just take heart in the fact that the Tea "Party" may wind up being the shortest lived "party" anyone's ever been invited to or excluded from.  :)

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