Friday, August 6, 2010

Sociological Stuff: CT Workplace Shooter 911 Call Hero!

The mass murderer in the Manchester, CT workplace rampage this week apparently took the time to phone 911 before taking his own life without killing anyone else. The tape was released today and the 911 Professional(to call them Operators or Dispatchers is a pathetic understatement of the awesome duties they routinely undertake) taking the call was way beyond professional and likely saved more lives and injuries.
His calm demeanor, the line of talk and perfectly chosen questions designed to defuse the situation should be classic lessons used in the future to train all involved in emergency services.
Remember the 911 Dispatch Hero coaching the young boy hiding in his bathroom a few weeks ago during a home invasion. The 911 Dispatch Hero who took the call from Michael Jackson's indicted Doc when he was dying.
There are so many such tapes now. We hear them often, and they bring joy to my heart at how many good and well motivated emergency workers of all kinds there are out there. Police and firefighters, EMTs, etc. are on-scene and risk their own lives(WTC 9/11 says it all)-make no mistake- and are heros almost inherently.
911 heros are heros as well-make no mistake there, either.  While their own lives may not be at risk routinely, others lives are, based only on their listening skills and what they say and how they say it!  And these individuals are willing to step out and take on this awesome responsibility! 
It's a totally anonymous job in 99.9% of cases. No glory, no credit! No personal thank-you's from those they help. The hallmarks of these awesome and essential public(government) employees are: humility; lower pay and less concern for personal credit than many others; professionalism; courage; competence; and saving lives daily. 
That's my impression of these truly unsung heros. Unabashed Left will now be referring to 911 Dispatchers as 911 Hero Dispatchers from now on.  A new job title for a group of people we genuinely admire.*  

*Note to the Libertarians, Tea Partyists and Republicans:  Do you oppose the "evil" government from engaging in this heroic activity and do you opt-out of 911 for yourself and your families.  Government is not "bad," it is good, just depends on how it's utilized. Peace.......

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