Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The Unabashed Left cordially invites Ms. Sharron Angle for a "mainstream" interview with a hard-hitting journalistic organization. 
If she accepts our invitation, Unabashed Left promises that the interview will make news and that she will be quoted from coast to coast.  We also promise Ms. Angle that if she gets the urge to run during the interview we will be patient and await her return, and that we will only videotape her jog with her expressed written approval. 
Unabashed left even will commit to providing her with a Large Dunkin' Donuts coffee and a box of up to 50 savory "Munchkins" at absolutely no cost to her, nor the taxpayers, and that it will in no way contribute to the national debt(and that if it does we will only raise taxes on the filthy rich to pay for them). 
While we will not compromise our journalistic integrity by paying her for the interview, Unabashed Left agrees grit our teeth and turn our heads the other way when she hypes her campaign website and pleads for donations. 
However Unabashed Left is proud to offer the following cash incentive to Ms. Angle, unrelated to the interview: 
As of this instant Unabashed Left announces its willingness to part with a crisp, brand spanking new, fresh off the printing presses five dollar bill[complete with an attractive profile photo of Real Republican Abraham Lincoln and including a nice shot of the Lincoln Memorial on the back- without the Beck Stabbing Beckster doing his "I Have A Scheme Speech"] if Ms. Sharrrron "Right" Angle of Nevada will agree to withdraw from politics for this and the next 25 lives, or 2.5 millennia, whichever comes first.  $5.00--just for quitting--something you do very well--please give serious consideration to our generous offer Ms. Angle.  And to our invitation for The Interview--just think about all those free munchkins.  And a large, delicious DD coffee--fixed any way you want!  Contact us at    unabashedleft.blogspot.com    -- we're waiting for you!  It will be fun.  We promise.  

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