Monday, August 9, 2010


Connecticut voters go to the polls tomorrow to vote in statewide primary races on both the Republican and Democratic sides.  The hottest race among Democrats is between Ned Lamont and Dan Malloy for the gubernatorial nomination.  Unabashed Left unreservedly and enthusiastically endorses Ned Lamont for the Democratic nomination for governor and commits to endorsing the winner of the Democratic primary, either Ned or Mr. Malloy, in the general election.  The Quinnipiac Polling Institute released it's final poll tonight showing that Ned's lead over Dan has been cut to a mere 3%, less than the 4.5% margin of error for the poll. 
In 2006, Mr. Lamont defeated incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman in the primary for Senate fair and square. 
Ned ran an honorable and effective campaign spotlighting Joe's sharp turn to the right over the years.  Ned won in spite of Lieberman having appeared on the national ticket in 2000 as Al Gore's vice presidential nominee and winning the popular vote, only to have that election stolen by George W. Bush, Jeb Bush and a 5-4 Supreme Court party-line political theft. 
Lieberman went on to abandon his party for self-agrandizement, to run as an independent and bolt the party in the Senate, only reluctantly agreeing to vote with the Democratic Senate caucus and going on in 2008 to campaign for Republican maverick/hypocrite John McCain against President Obama.  Ned is a good man of solid moral character who has earned every Democrat's respect nationwide. 
He deserves the nod, and Connecticut will be far better off next January when we finally get to retire the Rowland/Rell administration in Hartford!  He will bring jobs, lower health care costs, equalize education funding, build infrastructure, bring responsible fiscal practices back and much more for all the people of Connecticut!  If you care about Connecticut get out tomorrow and vote--the race is so close that every vote will count!  And Ned needs your support right now!  The polls show he will definitely beat any Republican handily(by 15 percentage points or more) in November. 
In the U.S. Senate race, multimillionaire Linda McMahon, who has made her career prior to becoming a politician just this year and purchased the nomination with her own millions, has made a career out of marketing the World Wrestling Federation(or WWE, or whatever the  "@#<@"  they call it at the moment) to kids and showing them that assault and violence are "funny" and comedy, rather than dreadful and horrifying. 
These are McMahon's "family values."  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate, and Unabashed Left endorses him for that seat.  Despite his ridiculous mishandling of those embarrassing to Connecticut comments regarding his "service" during the Vietnam era, Blumenthal still has a 10% lead in the polls, but it is shrinking quickly. 
Democrats cannot afford to lose this seat, and Blumenthal's transgressions are not so significant as to discourage us from endorsing him or for working on his behalf in the general election campaign.
In the third congressional district, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro will sweep to victory in November because of gerrymandering, and Unabashed Left endorses her candidacy. 
Ms. DeLauro has been in Congress for a very long time, and has amassed very little power or influence of note. 
Earlier this year, during the very endgame of the Healthcare vote in the House, Ms. DeLauro dropped a very important ball.  During the Obama administration/House Democratic Leadership negotiations with Bart Stupak and his anti-choice people in the 48 hours before the final crucial vote, Rosa DeLauro was assigned the key role of keeping the pro-choice members apprised of exactly what was going on in these key negotiations.  She failed to do so.  Yes, she did.  Huge goof, and many people did notice Congresswoman. 
During her next term Ms. DeLauro needs to establish far more visibility, acquire a significant committee or subcommitee chair, and genuinely author one or more key pieces of legislation and usher them through the House, the Senate, and the White House.  All this should have been accomplished by now, given her tenure in the House. 
We have no question regarding her issues orientation, rather it is with her utter ineffectiveness at advancing this agenda.  Should she not demonstrate appropriate leadership in the next two years, a challenge to her nomination in 2012 is certainly called for and would be widely supported we believe.
Please remember, above all, to get out tomorrow and cast your vote proudly and enthusiastically for the best candidate our CT Democratic Party has produced in decades, Ned Lamont for Connecticut's new Democratic Governor!!!  And please get your friends and relatives out tomorrow as well. And please think about driving someone to the polls who wouldn't otherwise be able to go, regardless of who they vote for or even their party affiliation!    Peace...

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