Tuesday, August 17, 2010


How the *bleep* did ethnicity, race and religion take center stage in 2010 AD America???  And for what Godly reason?  Answers: Question #1: It is the extreme right wing agenda, and has been since well before the National Socialist Party emerged victorious in pre-war German elections.  Question #2: No Godly reason, only ungodly ones.
The so-called immigration "debate" has devolved into a sham cover for attacking ethnic minorities--it really is that simple.  The same folks who are supporting Jan Brewer and her ilk are the same folk who have been advocating English as a national language, who resent packaging and assembly instructions in Spanish, French, or any other language but English, and who are almost universally[like Unabashed Left] European Caucasian as the driven snow with no hint of foreign accent--unless they've been hoodwinked or have some hidden agenda.
Unabashed Left can state these obvious facts because we do not seek office nor anything but the right to exercise our First Amendment rights!
Why race? Simply because of the fact that we have a black President--and that, too, is an obvious fact that public people simply don't have the prerogative of declaring publicly.
I sympathize deeply with respectable public servants such as Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Governor Bill Richardson who are routinely slandered and absurd policies advocated and laws passed because of their ethnic and racial origins. How hard it must be to hold a civil tongue!  And yet they do, and are keeping a lid on what many[I still believe not the majority, or even a large contingent] on the right want to be an all-out hate fest!
And religion?!!  Why the *bleep* wouldn't anyone who loves this country and our freedoms want a mosque even in the lobby of the new building being constructed at Ground Zero itself, let alone simply out of sight but in the neighborhood!  How about buying the neighboring properties and building a church and a synagogue as well!  And then let 500,000 or 1,000,000 freedom-loving Americans celebrate the dedications of the buildings and have a live "snubbing of the nose" at Osama Bin Laden and have it televised on Al Jazeera TV!  What do you think that would do to his efforts to recruit potential Jihadists! The right is feeding right into Scum Bag Bin Laden's hands! Wrap your minds around it Beck, Brewer, Palin, Gingrich and your like!  Freedom of religion is what filth like Al Quaeda despise, so they've won you over! They've conned you with the silliest of shell games and are winning thanks to you! Bin Laden's pathetic attempts to scare you were too easy, you're terrified and now want to end freedom of religion!
You now not only hate Jihad, he's got you hating Islam with just 4 passenger jets in a single day!  What a bargain for Bin Laden!
Unabashed Left will dare to say what others can't! In pre-war Germany the right played on "Aryians," Gypsies, and Jews.  The modern American right is playing on "WASPs," "illegals" and Moslems! Lets stop this stupid shit! Please! Mainstream Republicans--you are being hoodwinked by mindless righties, just like the National Socialists of the 1920's and 30's. 
I don't expect Newt, Sharrron, Beck and Palin to be able to wrap their pathetic little minds around these concepts(like the idea that Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives can all hope for that newsflash announcing the Bin Laden drone strike and should unite to bring down the chief Jihad punk).
But you mainstream conservatives and Republicans, if any are left, please brain up! Start denouncing nonsense like placards with Obama in a coffin, arresting people who are brown, and eliminating freedom of religion! If you're realistically a conservative or a genuine Republican, then denounce threats to members of Congress who vote for Health Care, or are unruly on the floor and call other members "baby killers!"
Stand side by side with us on the left as we denounce lunatic fools like the half dozen or so irrelevant "New Black Panthers" who intimidate voters! Join us as we decry the Al Quaeda and Taliban leadership who depend on perpetuating the illiteracy of its people to recruit pimply teenage Jihadists by torturously interpreting a Koran their followers can't even read! And in doing so succeed in keeping half of their people(woman and girls) in perpertual bondage!
Believe it or not, I think you can get some votes this way! Like the old Madison Avenue campaign from years ago: Try It, You'll Like It!  Unity, not Division. Please.. Right Now!

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