Thursday, August 5, 2010

Political Pearls: Let's All Refudiate Together Boys and Girls

In the interest of advancing the art of etymology and to move our glorious English language forward to the year 2010; and in the spirit of playwright William Shakespeare and modern day philosopher/thinker(currently unemployed) Sarah Louise Heath Palin, we offer the following from Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary for your elucidation:

re-futation  \ref-yu-'ta-shen\ n(1548): the act or process of refuting

refute  \ri-'fyut\   vt  re-fut-ed; re-fut-ing  [L refutare, fr. re + - futare to beat - more at BEAT] (1597)  1: to prove wrong by argument or evidence: show to be false or erroneous   2:  to deny the truth or accuracy of < refuted the election returns which showed her the loser

repudiate  \ri-'pyud-e-,at\  vt [L repudiatus, pp. of repudiare, fr. repudium divorce] (1545)  1:to divorce or separate formally from(a woman)  2: to refuse to have anything to do with: DISOWN  3a: to refuse to accept; esp: to reject as unauthorized or having no binding force  b: to reject as untrue or unjust <-a charge>  4: to refuse to acknowlege or pay   syn see DECLINE

Given this wonderful information from Merriam Webster, the Unabashed Dictionary, utilizing this as our unique etymology, defines the following term:

re-fu-di-ate \ri-'fyud-e-,at\  vt  [old Palin refudiatare, idiocy we guess]  1: to demonstrate ignorance  2: to demonstrate ignorance  ie,  "Sarah Palin refudiates every time she writes on the palm of her hand or opens her mouth"   See also; old "W": NUCULAR; MISREMEMBER

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